5 Common Construction Project Challenges and How to Overcome

The commercial construction industry is facing some serious challenges in 2023, including an aging workforce, ongoing health and safety issues, the rising cost of materials, a surplus of unskilled workers, and slow technology integration. Let’s look closer at these concerns, and learn how to handle them, let’s learn about 5 common construction project challenges and how to overcome them.

Declining Production

Two major factors contribute to ever-decreasing employee productivity: a severe lack of skilled younger workers and an aging workforce, primarily made up of men between 35 and 50 years old.

Solution: Dedicate more resources to attracting, recruiting, and retaining high-quality workers who maximize productivity.

Health and Safety Problems

Commercial construction is one of the most danger-filled industries. Accidents happen frequently, and repeated safety infractions can be extremely costly.

Solution: Ensure that your liability insurance coverage is more than adequate and always up to date. Plus, provide consistent and thorough safety training and certification.

Rising Cost of Materials

The prices of construction materials are projected to rise more than 5 percent throughout 2023, a continuation of the hefty price increases seen over the past two years.

Solution: Combat increasing material costs, and higher interest rates, and slow economic growth by increasing your prices while remaining competitive.

Physicality & Skill Shortages

As the more mature, mostly-male workforce retires and is replaced by less experienced, more inclusive workers, employers experience declining production from less able-bodied staff.

Solution: Explain every job position to applicants in detail. Ensure they understand the physical and mental requirements and are capable of meeting them.

Technology Integration

As new technologies increase production and safety in many industries, the still-mostly-human construction industry is falling behind.

Solution: Research government programs that can help you integrate novel technology into your operations. It may take time to make progress in this area.

Pre-emptively addressing these commercial construction industry challenges will help your company achieve greater success.

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