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5 Essential Phases of a Construction Project

Every construction project follows a similar process, from a small kitchen renovation to the building of towering skyscrapers. The construction process comprises various specific stages needed to finish a building project. Every project requires a solid plan and workable design. The construction team also needs to consider supplies management, inventory taking, overseeing the actual construction, and various post-construction concerns that may need solving. 

Any construction project, irrespective of size, benefits from a great plan backed by a skilled and experienced project manager. We are dedicated to producing beautiful, functional structures at  Multi-M Contracting, Inc.  Our expertise falls under General Contracting, Raw Land Developer, and Residential and Commercial Contractors. 

We provide our client’s planning, managerial, and construction services on multiple projects. Understanding the construction process will help you create the best plan for your project. The construction project can be broken down into five essential phases, which are:

1. The Conception/Planning Phase

This is the process where the construction manager, architect, and project owner discuss the potential building, the initial pre-design ideas, research on the location, and a preliminary project budget. The cost of purchasing land may be included in this budget. At this point, the owner exercises their imagination to create a very flexible set of ideas that serve as the foundation for the building process. 

2. The Preconstruction Phase

This is, without a doubt, the most difficult phase of construction. It begins immediately after the project owner chooses a contractor to carry out the project. It involves assembling a project team of various industry experts such as a project manager, contract administrator, supervisor, health and safety manager, etc. The project team’s first assignment is to conduct a site inspection and test the soil. 

Their findings allow them to identify or predict potential ecological problems that might develop during the construction. All findings and construction plans are then forwarded to the relevant local authorities for approval. It usually takes a lot of time since all concerns raised by the local authorities must be addressed beforehand. Given that every problem brought up by the authority needs to be addressed, this is a drawn-out procedure.

3. The Procurement Phase

Upon receiving authorization, the project team moves to secure supplies, equipment, and labor. The complexity and difficulty of this stage will depend on the size of the project. Most large construction companies have internal procurement departments that allow them to hire personnel, purchase equipment, and gather materials for multiple projects at once. Although the principal contractor is responsible for carrying out these activities, subcontractors may be given specific assignments, such as recruiting laborers or acquiring supplies.

4. The Construction Stage

A pre-construction conference is held right before construction starts to ensure any disputes are settled. The construction team discusses matters such as who has access to the construction site, how well the project will be done, where to store the materials, and how long each team member will be working every day. Once all the concerns have been resolved, the project team can start the construction process.

5. The Closeout Phase

A few procedures must be carried out before the building is turned over to the client once all on-site work has been finished. The building should be inspected to ensure everything was done per the plan. After the inspection, the project team proceeds to train the owner to use and maintain the new building, which helps prolong the property’s lifecycle. The owner can now take possession of the building. It is advisable to do a post-project assessment to identify any tasks that were not finished and prevent surprises in the future. 

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Buying Undeveloped Land: The Pros And Cons

Undeveloped or raw land has no buildings, social amenities, or any kind of development. It is bare land that you must develop to reap the benefits. 

Here are the pros and cons of buying undeveloped land for investment:


  1. It is Cheap

The cost of purchasing undeveloped land is low because there is nothing to add value to it. When buying this kind of land, note that the taxes are relatively low too. 

 2. Easy to Buy

With developed lands, you may find that they have been attached to banking institutions due to loans or mortgages. However, with this kind of property, you can buy it quickly without going through many processes. Since it is not developed, it becomes easier to own. 

3. Flexible

You can build your house or put up real estate according to your chosen designs. As long as they fall under the zoning laws of that particular area, it is easy to build what you want.


  1. Zoning Restrictions 

You need to adhere to zoning laws, which may sometimes limit what kind of building you want to live in. Undeveloped land also needs permits and approvals, which can take you some time to get. 

2. Lack of Infrastructure

Putting up the proper infrastructure if the place is undeveloped is expensive. Amenities like roads, paths, electricity, septic, and water, mean you visit the township to get them. That can also be time-consuming and may hinder your development progress.

3. Slow Returns

Undeveloped land has slow returns because the area is not accessible to most people. Since there are few amenities or buildings, you will find putting them on sale, leasing or renting may attract a few people. Thus, you will not get the money you invested in soon. 

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How to Choose a Home Builder

Owning a home in the Tukwila, Washington area has continued to be a good long-term investment. For those who are looking to move to this area, having a new home built is also a good option as you will get to build a home that you love. If you are going to have a home built in this part of Washington, choosing the right home builder is an important decision. There are various tips to follow that can help you choose a home builder.

Experience and Reputation

One of the most important things to look for when selecting a home builder is one that has a lot of experience and a reputation for quality. You are putting a lot of trust in your homebuilder and will want to know that they have the skill and experience necessary to complete your project. Reading reviews and doing some research online should help give you the comfort that you are picking a quality contractor. 

Variety of Services

There is a lot of work that goes into building a home and choosing a contractor that can handle as many of them as possible is a good option. You should find one that can help you obtain initial drawings, purchase all supplies and materials, and handle all parts of the ground-up construction, plumbing, and electrical work, and any other work necessary. 

If you are looking for a home builder in this part of Washington, you should reach out to the team at Multi-M Contracting, Inc. This company continues to be a leading home builder in Washington. To date, the company has built more than $1.2 billion worth of projects and can help you build a home that is ideal for your situation.     

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Construction contractors fall within five main types. Knowing these categories can help you find the right contractor in Tukwila, WA. If you are building new homes, conducting commercial renovations, or engaging in land development, you may already hire or subcontract to several of these categories. Combining the talents of other professionals can help you finish your project on time and on schedule while sailing through inspections.

General Contractors

General contractors coordinate the entire scope of construction projects. From obtaining permits and adhering to local zoning and planning rules, general contractors fulfill many vital functions. Typically, they oversee all aspects of the design and build phases. You can count on the general contractor to hire and oversee subcontractors and other workers.

Specialty Contractors

Plumbers, landscapers, electricians, and other tradespeople fall into this category. Specialty subcontractors perform a specific role, such as building a deck, porch, or patio or replacing all the plumbing on the property.

Design-Build Contractors

This combined role encompasses the responsibilities of a general contractor and designer. The lead design-build contractor might be an experienced construction manager or an architect, depending on the project and who you choose to lead the team. For commercial projects, design-build contractors handle everything from interior to landscape design.


Architects design various spaces and structures, including entire commercial buildings. Apartment complexes, malls, restaurants, and hospitals are just some examples. Architects work with general contractors to keep projects true to the original vision.


Construction engineers need an extensive background in designing, building and testing the tools needed to construct buildings safely. These contractors also ensure various components meet regulatory and legal standards.

If you need a construction contractor in Tukwila, Washington, choose a full-service firm that can supply all these specializations.

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Normandy Park, Washington

In the heart of Seattle, Normandy Park is a beautiful waterfront community with convenient access to downtown and immediate airport shuttles. With approximately 6500 residents covering 2.5 square miles (or around 100 acres), this tranquil city places high priority on maintaining quiet settings that are pedestrian friendly while also providing family-oriented services like libraries for all age groups within its borders.

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