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Friendly Customer Service

When you are going to hire a contractor, you will want to ensure they are friendly and easy to work with. You will be spending a lot of time with the contractor and will want to feel comfortable calling them during the process. A successful contractor will need to focus on customer service.

Answer Questions with Ease

As you are completing any type of project, you are bound to have questions along the way. When you have questions, you will want to feel confident that the contractor knows the answer. You should look for a contractor that is able to answer the questions with ease.

They are Passionate About Work

An important trait for contractors is that they are passionate about their work. A contractor who is passionate about being a contractor and helping to build homes and other projects will be dedicated to each job they complete. This can result in a better final outcome.

They Listen Well

Similar to any other profession, a contractor needs to be able to listen well to ensure they are able to get their customers what they want. A successful contractor will need to be attentive and able to take notes. They will then show their attentiveness by completing projects in line with their customer’s requests.

They Show Off Past Projects

A successful contractor will also have a long track record of being successful. You should look for a contractor who is proud of their past work and wants to show off their other projects. This will give you the comfort that they can handle your project properly as well.

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Licensed and Insured

A successful contractor needs to be licensed and insured. Any contractor will need to have a business and contractor’s license to operate in the area. Having the right insurance will ensure there is financial support if they cause damage or make a mistake.

Experience with Project Type

A successful contractor will also have plenty of experience with your project type. The contractor term is relatively broad and can include many different types of projects and services. Your contractor should have evidenced experience with jobs similar to yours, which can ensure they are prepared for any challenges that could arise.

Good Relationships

It is also important that you find a contractor with good relationships. A quality contractor will have good relationships with local approval boards, subcontractors, and suppliers. These positive relationships will help them receive approval more efficiently, hire quality people to help on the job, and even save money, which can be passed on to you.

Efficient but Thorough

A successful contractor also needs to be efficient, but thorough as well. Construction delays can be a frustrating thing to deal with, so meeting expectations is important. However, contractors need to balance this by also being thorough and doing a good job.


You should also look for contractors who are able to adapt to the changing industry. There are always changes to technology that can change the way certain jobs are done. Successful contractors will embrace the use of technology to ensure they are doing the best that they can.

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If you’re building a new home in Tukwila, Washington, it’s important to know what’s new in architectural and interior design trends. Choosing a residential construction contractor who understands the use of multifunctional spaces, pattern play, and luxury materials will help you create a stylish home with timeless beauty.

Multifunctional Spaces

Most homeowners want spaces that serve multiple functions. For example, a flex room can become a gym, home office, or nursery as the needs of your family change. Maximizing the utility of each room involves both architectural and material design elements, such as creating zones within larger rooms by using partitions, carpets, and strategic furniture placement.

Pattern Play

Patterns have made a comeback, and the right interior designer can help you find fabrics, rugs, and tiles that make a visual impact. To avoid overwhelming your space, work with a professional who can highlight stripes, geometric shapes, and bold colors while achieving a harmonious look. For example, intermixing patterns with solids and muted tones is a winning strategy for stand-out interior design in your newly built home.

Luxury Materials

Top home construction contractors understand the need to incorporate luxury materials that add comfort and visual appeal. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Architectural details such as crown molding, wainscoting, and tall ceilings delight the eye and make a room seem large and airy.
  • Granite, porcelain, or manufactured countertops in the kitchen and bath help achieve a high-end look that will last for many years.
  • Hardwood floors add value to your home before it’s even fully constructed. They also provide a solid base for cozy seating areas and other furniture.

We highlighted a few home design trends taking off in 2023. To utilize popular architectural and interior design trends in Tukwila, Washington, partner with a trusted residential construction contractor, such as Multi-M Contracting, during the build.

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Riverton, Washington

Riverton is a small community in King County, Washington, part of the greater Seattle area. The city of Burien annexed Riverton in 2010, though the Riverton name also refers to an area within neighboring Tukwila. While the original Riverton does not border Puget Sound, Burien has a 5.5-mile shoreline along the Sound. Located west of Tukwila and SeaTac, which is home to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the general area has data centers and a range of other corporate facilities.

European settlement in the area dates back to 1864. However, much of the area remained unincorporated until the 1990s, when concerns about airport expansion, the desire for enhanced zoning regulations, and other issues led to a change in government structure.

Today, Riverton is racially and ethnically diverse. The Highline Public Schools and King Country Metro system serve the community, with the latter providing bus transportation to the airport, downtown Seattle, and the greater metropolitan area. Recent median household income data showed that Riverton ranked in the 40th percentile among Washington communities.

Seahurst Park, a 178-acre facility with forests, streams, and a beach on Puget Sound, sits within Burien. It’s home to various wildlife, a salmon hatchery, and educational facilities. Efforts are underway to restore the beach area to a more natural condition.

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