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The Top Pitfalls to Avoid With a New Home Build

Are you thinking about building a new home? If so, you understand just how valuable this investment is. Building a new home is a great way to avoid the costly maintenance and repair bills that plague older structures. On the other hand, there are several common pitfalls to avoid with a new home project. By working with an experienced contractor, you can avoid a lot of these issues.

Don’t Choose a Builder Based Solely on Price

You have a budget within which you’d like to work on your new home construction project. You might think that partnering with a cheap contracting service could help you stretch your budget. On the other hand, partnering with a contracting service based solely on price could lead to expensive repair bills down the road. If the contracting service is offering a lower quote, they might be omitting essential parts of your home construction project. They might use faulty materials that could fail after they’ve been exposed to routine wear and tear. This could lead to costly mistakes after you’ve moved in.

Always Review Contracts Carefully

You should review all contracts carefully. You need to understand what the contractor is responsible for and what you’re responsible for. For example, if something goes wrong with your home after you move in, is it covered by a home warranty? Check the contract carefully and ask any questions before the project begins. That way, you can avoid potential confusion during the project and after the home is finished.

Think Critically About Your HVAC System

You should think critically about all the appliances going into your home, including your HVAC system. You should get decades of use out of a quality HVAC system. If something goes wrong with the HVAC system after you move in, this could cost thousands of dollars. In some cases, this could be covered under your home warranty; however, it’s unlikely your home insurance company will cover this. While you want to listen to the contractor’s advice regarding your HVAC system, you also need to do your own research to make sure you’re getting a quality appliance.

Place Your Load-Bearing Walls Carefully

Finally, work with your contracting service to place your load-bearing walls in the best location. Load-bearing walls are walls that cannot be moved in the future. If you want to renovate your home in the future, you won’t be able to shift these walls without compromising the integrity of the structure. If you imagine your family growing, you may need to expand certain areas of the home. You won’t be able to move these load-bearing walls, so make sure they’re placed optimally by your contracting team.

Work With the Right Construction Team

These are a few pitfalls you should avoid if you’re building a new home in the near future. If you partner with the right contracting team, they should help you consider these pitfalls ahead of time. That way, you can avoid these issues and avoid an expensive stop-work order. Reach out to a professional contracting service today.

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Real estate developers are exceptional at developing new land or properties and making them look like new. To help you choose a real estate developer, here is some background information to check beforehand.


Most real estate developers have some experience in business or real estate, either through work or education. Checking to see if your future developer has a degree, such as a master’s in business administration, can help determine if they’re a good candidate for future projects. However, if your real estate developer doesn’t have proper education, then past experience in management, real estate, engineering, and even construction can all help determine if they’re a good fit for your development project.


Real estate developers have to be licensed depending on your state or local region. Although a real estate license is a great certification, not having one shouldn’t stop you from choosing a qualified real estate developer.

Past Projects

Real estate development requires a lot of upfront investment, communication between contractors and investors, and everything in between. Research to check if your real estate developer has been successful in past development projects, and if they have the right networking skills to see a project through to completion.


Unlike past projects, reviews and references allow you to get a deeper insight into working with your real estate developer in person. Real estate development projects can take time to finish. Make sure your real estate developer has the right personality, hard working ethic, and can get along with other brokers, investors, and contractors. To save you the time of working with them and then later finding they’re the wrong fit, seek the help of online reviews and references.

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Custom Home Builder – Let Us Make Your Dream Come True.

Any new construction project has to follow a clear purpose. From homes to offices to skyscrapers, new building construction will only succeed when the purpose is clear and a strong plan is built on that purpose. That’s the concept of how value engineering can redefine residential construction.

What is value engineering? It’s an extra step in the planning phase that can improve a property’s function and overall value without adding to the cost of the project.

The Essence of Value Engineering

At its core, value engineering is a methodical approach to optimizing the construction plan. It starts with the systematic identification of the primary purposes and functions of a new building. Once those purposes and functions are mapped, the engineer can work to fulfill those roles through cost-effective and efficient construction choices.

An example can clarify the concept. When building a new home, the homeowner will often settle on a floor plan. Only after that will the value engineer be able to work. They will look at the floor plan and map the purpose behind each decision. Why are bedrooms arranged the way they are? Questions like that are carefully answered.

Using that guided purpose, the engineer can explore ways to provide the same function through more efficient means. Perhaps they can deploy lumber-efficient framing techniques that preserve the floorplan but lower material waste. Maybe alternative materials will provide solutions. The engineer searches for ideas to improve the value of the home without adding to construction costs. Ultimately, value engineering optimizes the construction investment.

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Construction Company – We’ll Exceed Your Expectations.

While the two might appear similar at times, commercial and residential construction jobs are vastly different. It is why, if you own a business, you need to hire a commercial construction contractor for any renovation, addition, or new building you are interested in.

Permits Are Different

A major reason behind this is due to the permits required. Permits for commercial work are different from residential permits. Knowing what permits to obtain, when to obtain them, and how to obtain them is an important step in starting, and completing, the construction job. As a business owner, you understand the importance of completing a job faster. A commercial contractor can obtain permits as quickly as possible as the contractor knows exactly what must be done to obtain the permits and avoid costly shutdowns.

The Scale is Different

Often, the scale of a commercial job is different. There are also varying building requirements for a commercial facility over a residential one. This might mean having a larger, industrial HVAC system installed. Your facility might require drainage under the production floor workspace set up to allow for easy cleaning in your manufacturing facility. A commercial project may also require walls and floors installed to handle significantly more weight than that of a residential house. Commercial projects have a larger scale, which means you need a commercial contractor to handle it.

Always Hire a Commercial Contractor

When it comes to any commercial work, big or small, it is important to go with a commercial contractor. They will help you avoid possible shut-downs due to not having the right city and state permits, not to mention they will ensure your construction is up to code, regardless of the industry you are in. For additional insights into the benefits of a commercial contractor, connect with Multi M Contracting by sending an email or giving the staff a call today.

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Burien, Washington

Burien, WA, is a suburban area in King County, Washington. While many individuals and families are looking for homes and apartments for sale in Burien, the real estate on Zillow online is competitive in this part of Washington because of the numerous job opportunities. Located just south of Seattle, Burien has received lots of attention because of the gorgeous scenery in the region. This is a great place for those who love to stay active. With countless swimming, hiking, and biking opportunities, Burien has become a popular location for people of all ages. The 206 will only continue to grow as more companies come to this part of the state. 

The weather in Burien is also exceptional. The summers are warm and sunny, the winters can get relatively cool, and the city has four distinct seasons. Burien also has light traffic, contributing to a high quality of life in this part of Washington. Living in Burien will only become more popular, and many people stick around, contributing to the growth of numerous industries. Expect to see Burien lead the 98166 in population growth moving forward.

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