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What Paperwork Should My Contractor Provide?

If you are looking to start commercial construction or new home builds in the Tukwila, WA, area, it’s important to know what paperwork to ask your contractor for. Below, we list the top documents you should ask your contractor to provide. Keep them in a safe place.

Contract Agreement

Whether you are working on land development or commercial renovations, it’s important to have the full project scope in writing. A contract agreement states what you and your construction contractor have agreed to. It includes what you will pay for the services rendered and what those services are. It also should include a construction schedule, scope of work, and other relevant information to avoid contention later in the project.

Construction Schedule

The construction schedule is a timeline of the project. It keeps both you and your contractor updated on completion dates and milestones. Ask for start and finish times for each project phase and make sure the schedule is updated when delays arise that might change the completion date. This document also outlines the resources, time, permits, tasks, and other requirements for each phase of your residential or commercial construction.

Scope of Work

Sometimes called the statement of work, this document describes what will happen during the project. Whether you are engaging in commercial construction or residential home building, this is a crucial document. Track change orders and other pertinent information here for reference and accountability.

Detailed Cost Estimates

The detailed cost estimate will include quotes for labor and materials for the physical construction. It may include cement, landscaping, and carpentry expenses. It will also include soft costs, such as taxes, permits, and accounting fees. Your contractor should share detailed soft and hard cost estimates for your review.

Bonds and Insurance

Keep the bond insurance paperwork in a safe place because it will become very important if anything goes wrong with the project. The bond is the agreement you and your contractor signed stating that they will complete the project to the specifications in the contract. Your contractor purchases a bond from an insurance company referred to as a surety company, and you sign it before beginning the project.

Insurance and Workers’ Compensation

Contractors, like other businesses in Tukwila and the rest of Washington, are required to provide workers’ compensation. You should also request a copy of the general liability insurance to ensure that it covers damages to your home or business if anything should go wrong.

Construction Drawings

From blueprints to work orders, construction drawings create a visual picture of the finished product. Ensure that construction drawings accurately depict elevations, walls, hardware, cabinetry, and other critical components.

Contractor’s License

The last thing you want to do is hire a contractor who doesn’t have an active license. No matter how small or large or new build, you want to make sure that the team you hire to complete it has the right qualifications.

Add other critical documents that your contractor should provide to this list and keep your paperwork in a safe place.

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Top 7 Tips for Developing Raw Land

While owning a piece of raw land gives you numerous possibilities for its use, developing it can be challenging. Given that the internet contains loads of data that may be difficult to sift through when you’re looking for clear-cut information, here are the top 7 tips for developing raw land:

Have a Plan for Your Raw Land

Decide earlier on what you want to do with the land. For example, do you want to build rentals? Create a recreational facility? Or raise cattle? A little planning can go a long way toward ensuring you use the land for the best purpose possible.

Brace for Unforeseen Drawbacks

All investments have potential risks. Conduct proper research beforehand to navigate problems when they arise or avoid them altogether.

Make Proper Cost Estimates and Budget Accordingly

Developing your raw parcel of land involves more than just setting up structures. You should factor in extra costs into the project, such as bush clearing, sewerage installation, making access roads, the cost of utility hookups, etc.

Time Your Raw Land Project

Conduct thorough research on critical factors before commencing your projects, such as current market trends and the availability of a ready market for your particular development at that time.

Factor-In Zoning Problems

Rezoning undeveloped land is both time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork. Plan well in advance to avoid such setbacks.

Seek Professional Assistance

Developing raw land is a lengthy process that requires time and expertise. Hire a skilled professional to see your project successfully through.

Keep Tabs on Market Trends

You should time your project shrewdly by continually monitoring current market conditions and pounce for the kill when it’s right.

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Do I Need Homeowner Insurance When Building a Home?

Homeowners’ insurance is an expense in the homeownership process that might make one wonder whether they need it. However, home insurance is necessary after building a home, as demonstrated by its various uses. 

Did you know that nearly all mortgage companies require you to provide proof of insurance coverage for at least the fair value of your property before they can finance your project? Here are a few more reasons why every new homeowner should get homeowner’s insurance.

Does Standard Home Insurance cover my New Construction?

A standard homeowners insurance policy is not the right cover for a home that’s under construction. Instead, insurers recommend a builder’s risk insurance policy for vacant homes still under construction.

What Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Cover?

A builder’s risk insurance policy offers you partial financial cover during the construction process of your home. It lasts for up to 12 months. However, you can renew the policy after it expires if your project is delayed for specific reasons.

The builder’s risk insurance protects onsite equipment, supplies, and other construction materials. It also covers losses and damages arising from:

  • Fire 
  • Explosion 
  • Theft
  • Lightning 
  • Vandalism   
  • Auto accidents 
  • Contamination 
  • Natural disasters such as hail

What Does Builder’s Risk Insurance Not Cover?

A builder’s risk insurance policy doesn’t cover the home’s possessions and personal effects; ideally, these items shouldn’t be at the construction site during that period. This insurance policy also doesn’t cover losses from:

  • Floods 
  • Earthquakes 
  • Acts of terrorism 
  • War  
  • Employee theft
  • Mechanical failures
  • Artistry 
  • Faulty design 
  • Wear and tear

A builder’s risk insurance policy ends when the building is completed. After that, you’ll need a standard homeowners insurance policy to thoroughly protect your home and its contents.

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What Are The Major Responsibilities Of A Commercial Construction Company?

A construction company has a major responsibility to ensure it takes a construction job from the start to the end and stays within the budget. That’s the joy of clients who contract with a commercial construction company for their building needs.

Here are the roles of a construction company;

1. Project Planning 

A construction company should create a plan within the client’s budget. They should expound on the following responsibilities;

  • How will they organize every essential project development and execution detail for the project?
  • Determine the necessary materials and equipment for construction and manage their purchase.
  • Identify potential changes and develop solutions to reduce risk.

2. Project Management

Clients need their buildings to be completed on the agreed time. Thus, the commercial construction company should interview and hire the right personnel like managers, foremen, and contractors to complete the project. They should also ensure the funds needed for the projects are released on time. 

3. Tracking of The Projects

A construction company should be responsible for tracking the project to avoid running late and interfering with the client’s business. The tracking involves supervising the managers, contractors, quality control, safety measures, etc. 

4. Observing Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Before any project commences, there are legal and regulatory requirements that every construction company should observe. They are responsible for ensuring all the permits and licenses involved are acquired on time. They include the fees and taxes for the whole project. 5. 

5. Managing The Staff

When clients contract with commercial construction companies, they want to work as a team. Thus, the construction company should guide and support its staff by overseeing all the important aspects of the project. They should have workable solutions that will ensure the project is completed successfully.

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Cascade-Fairwood, Washington

Cascade-Fairwood, WA, is located in King County and lies in the greater Seattle area. The Cascade-Fairwood has a population of just under 20,000, including residents from many different origins and backgrounds. The Cascade-Fairwood area has a commercial center where many residents work, and consumers look for goods and services, as well as fine meals and shopping opportunities.

Cascade-Fairwood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Seattle area. The Cascade-Fairwood once went as far west as Terry Avenue, extending south to Denny Hill and bordered by Melrose Avenue to the east. However, the construction of Interstate 5 extended the Cascade-Fairwood west to South Lake Union. The Cascade-Fairwood area has mild winters and relatively dry summers, at least by Seattle standards.

According to census data, the most common industries in Cascade-Fairwood include transportation equipment, educational services, healthcare and finance, technical services, and hospitality.

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