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Why Should You Hire a Commercial Contractor for Projects in Federal Way?

Commercial building projects not only require many steps but also require them to all come together just right. If you think of it like building a giant clock, you’ll get a good idea of how numerous and complex all of the components are and how they have to be perfectly timed. The best way to ensure that this complexity doesn’t cause you problems is to hire a commercial general contractor.

A commercial contractor will:

  • Help with or provide plans
  • Handle permits and other legalities
  • Select the best subcontractors for each aspect of the project
  • Ensure that the subcontractors all come in the right order
  • Inspect the subcontractors’ work before signing off
  • Take care of the unexpected


The planning stage is one of the most crucial parts of a commercial development project. Even though most people who hire general contractors have a good idea of what they want, it is common for plans to need to be adjusted before work starts. A good general contractor will be able to look at the site and determine whether or not changes need to be made. Some even offer full design services, and many investors like this option.


Permitting is another important thing that contractors take care of. Commercial projects need everything from general building permission to inspections for electricity, plumbing, roofing, and other basics. In some areas, other requirements also need to be met. Having a contractor take care of all of this saves you days’ worth of time that you’d otherwise have to spend at the relevant offices.

Choosing subcontractors

Choosing subcontractors is a crucial aspect of a building project. A general contractor knows which ones are good, which to avoid, and how much they all should be charging. Even better, general contractors will be able to negotiate the lowest possible prices thanks to their ability to bring in high volumes of business. This saves you hours and days of frustration and helps to eliminate uncertainty from the project.

Right order

Ensuring that everyone comes in the right order and at the right time is another key to success. For example, the subcontractor who finishes the walls needs to come after the framer, electrician, and plumber. Otherwise, the wall finisher will have to stand around waiting – and be paid for that. A commercial contractor prevents this problem via proper scheduling.

Inspect contractor’s work

Quality commercial contractors also make sure that subcontractors’ work is done right before approving payments. This not only gives subcontractors an incentive to do good work but helps to ensure that any mistakes are caught and fixed right away.

Take care of unexpected

Finally, commercial contractors are able to handle unexpected events, material delays, and other such snags. It is said that no project goes entirely according to plan, and one of the things that separate the best general contractors from the rest is their ability to deal with this fact.

As you can see, hiring the right commercial contractor makes the difference between a costly, long project and one that is done efficiently. A good contractor will save you far more money and time than trying to handle this work yourself.

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Partnering with a property developer could streamline the process of purchasing, refurbishing, and selling real estate for a profit. Sometimes, property developers plan entire communities from raw land. Other times, they renovate existing properties or build commercial buildings. Multi M Contracting in Tukwila, WA, can provide project management for your next property development project.

Benefits of Property Development

Would you like to realize a high return on your investment? Property development can generate significant income but also has higher risks than other investment opportunities. It’s important to identify a property development opportunity that—although potentially challenging—you believe will succeed.

Shorter Turnaround on Investment

To ensure the highest possible profit, property developers aim to complete construction and sell properties fast. This is particularly important if you take out short-term loans to complete the building phase. Typically, property development brings a high rate of return on your investment.

Greater Stability

Real estate tends to be more stable over time than stocks and bonds. The property market does go up and down, but generally, land continues to appreciate over time. Real estate is less volatile than stock market transactions.

Investment Leverage for Property Development 

When you purchase property, you can invest your money in an asset that typically doesn’t go down in value. Also, you can apply for loans to fund renovations, so you can resell property quickly. This gives you enormous leverage and a greater return on your investment than other opportunities.

Banks also give out a significant amount of money to property developers. This speaks to the security of this type of investment, as financial institutions have high confidence in getting their money back from real estate investments.

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If you’re building a house, you need a solid foundation. One of the most important components of the foundation is the footing. The footing is responsible for supporting the rest of the foundation and the home. Therefore, if the footings are not installed properly, this could bring down the entire home. How big do the footings need to be? There are a few important points to keep in mind.

The Grade of the Site

First, the ground around the foundation should slope down at a minimum of five percent. If the slope does not match this grade, then it has to be adjusted. This slope has to continue down for at least 10 feet. That way, the foundation will have enough support around the building.

The Strength of the Soil

In addition, it is important to take a closer look at the strength of the soil. The foundation has to rest on firm soil that has not been disturbed. This means the soil has never been graded, dumped, scraped, chilled, or compacted. This is important because soil that has not been disturbed is stronger than soil that has undergone these changes.

Then you should identify what type of soil it is. Bedrock, gravel, and clay all have different strengths, which will play a role in the size of the footings. Using this information, builders will decide how large the footings should be.

Build Solid Footings 

Ultimately, the strength of the footings is an important part of the rest of the structure. If the footings are not constructed appropriately, the building might not be to code, which can create serious structural issues. This can also place people in harm’s way. Anyone with questions or concerns about the quality of their footings should reach out to a professional for help.

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Committing to a commercial construction project is not a small choice. It’s going to represent a major investment of time, money and energy. Before you are anywhere near getting quotes from contractors or signing checks, you need to go through the planning phase. These four steps break down the major points you need to consider.

Make a Plan

Before diving into any major commitments, you need a clear goal and plan to follow through. Planning your building comes before actual design work. This is where you clarify the building’s purpose, find a location and check the zone. It’s also where you set your budget.

Design the Building

When the zoomed-out plan is in good shape, you can move forward with designing the building. This is where you work with architects and/or engineers to come up with detailed construction plans for the project. These plans have to be formalized before you can move to the next step.

Clear Red Tape

You’re almost ready to begin construction, but red tape stands in your way. There are three major things you need to move forward: insurance, permits, and materials.

For insurance, work with the contractors to make sure the project is covered for general liability, workers’ comp, and builders’ risk. For permits, you have to go through local and state regulators to make sure you have legal permission to begin.

As for materials, that’s where you get bids from vendors and work out a procurement schedule.

Break Ground

At this point, the planning is in place and you are ready to begin. You have a clear design, permission to proceed and all of the materials necessary to get started. It’s time to break ground and construct the building.

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Federal Way, Washington

Federal Way, Washington started out as a logging settlement, and even up until 1990, it had not incorporated as a city. In that year, the vote to do so finally passed.

This municipality got its unique name from Federal Highway U.S. 99, which is now called State Road 99 or Pacific Highway South. The federal highway, or “federal way,” ran from Seattle to Tacoma – and, through the town of Federal Way. The name was first officially used when it and several other towns consolidated their schools and worked together to build Federal Way High School.

The area’s importance to the logging industry was highlighted by the fact that, until 2014, timber giant Weyerhaeuser had its headquarters in Federal Way. This company didn’t just leave empty land behind after logging. Instead, it opened a large amount of its property to the public after converting it into attractive locations such as the Rhododendron Species Foundation and Botanical Garden, and the Pacific Bonsai Museum.

When Weyerhaeuser moved to Seattle, the headquarters campus was bought by a developer, but plans have been held up for years due to opposition from environmentalists seeking to preserve the grounds as they are. This makes it so that there is still plenty of need for commercial buildings since it could take even more years before the Weyerhaeuser campus can have its own offices and other developments added to it.

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