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Top Tips for Interviewing and Hiring a Commercial Contractor

You have a dream! You may be ready to increase production by building a new factory. Maybe you want to take advantage of a great land deal and add a new subdivision on the west end of town. In either case, you need a commercial contractor to take on the heavy lifting of design and construction. Before you sign a contract, take some time to learn how to identify a contractor that is best suited to your needs.

Research and Recommendations Start the Process

Whether you are building a single storefront or a new industrial complex, first you will need to do your due diligence in finding the right contractor. Ask your colleagues for recommendations. If they found the building process relatively free of stress and love the result, those are good signs of a quality contractor.

Your research must include verifying the current licenses and insurance of the contractor. Check with the Better Business Bureau and professional associations for reviews and comments. Your legal department can look into any existing or past court cases that are related to the business.

Stay away from contractors with poor credit ratings and lapsed licenses, as that may be an indication that they do not compensate their subcontractors appropriately.

Meet the Contractor in Person

When you hire a commercial contractor, you are not hiring the guy swinging the hammer. You are creating a partnership with a management group that in turn hires all of the actual workers and equipment. For this reason, you want the primary contact at the company to have excellent communication skills. Are they professional and responsive to your calls, emails, and texts? Are they prompt to meetings and how many projects have come in on time or even early?

If you walk away from the interview feeling unimpressed, that may be an indicator that you will want to work with another group. After all, even the smallest commercial projects often last a year or longer.

Matching Scope and Capabilities

If you are building a small strip mall or a few homes in a new development, you may want to work with a family-operated contractor. When you are planning on a major project that involves adding infrastructure to the city’s services, your commercial contractor should have the people and experience to tackle the more complicated project. Larger contractors will have the bigger project team and specialists on the payroll ready to meet with city and state officials while providing the precise information needed to obtain permits. A smaller business is more likely to handle all parts of the building process personally. This works when the scope of the job does not overwhelm their offices.

The Low Bid is Not Always the Winner

Now that you have a few potential contractors in mind, it is time to start receiving bids. While a new business may give you a lower number to get their company off the ground, a low bid can also be a sign of poor build quality. A reliable contractor will not underbid the project, as they know exactly how much supplies, manpower, and equipment are required and just how much that costs. Invite each group to make a presentation where they can justify the expenses and savings particular to their bid.

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If you’ve got a construction project coming up, you need to work with the right developer. That way, you know you’ve placed your project in the best position possible to be successful. Unfortunately, even with the right team, there are potential problems you could encounter. Therefore, you have to be prepared. What’re some of the most common issues that property developers run into? Take a look at a few examples below. 

Permitting and Zoning Issues

One of the most common issues has to do with permitting and zoning. There are situations in which the land on which you want your building to stand may not be zoned or permitted for your project. In this case, you must work with a developer who understands how to address these issues. There is a lot of paperwork in order to get land rezoned for a specific purpose. A developer can walk you through this process. 

Raw Material Availability

You need the right raw materials to build your project. Sometimes, they may not be available. Other times, they may be overpriced. Developers need to work with you to develop a backup plan in this situation. Or, developers can help you take a look at the supply chain. That way, you can understand when your materials are going to become available again. Developers have experience sourcing raw materials for building projects. 

Contractor Availability

Finally, developers may also have trouble finding the right contractors to help you with the construction process. For your building to turn out well, you must work with the right contractors. Developers usually have connections in the industry. They can help you find the right contractors; however, they may not be available exactly when you need them. Rely on experienced developers to help you circumvent this issue.

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Are you getting ready to purchase a home under construction? If you’re already under contract, then your real estate agent may have mentioned a home inspection to you. A home inspection is an important part of purchasing a home because it lets you know what might be wrong with it. At the same time, how do you schedule an inspection? Learn more about this important step below.

Your Real Estate Agent Should Do This for You

Usually, home inspections are handled by private companies. This means that you have multiple choices when performing a home inspection; however, you might not be familiar with the companies in the area. Therefore, you should speak to your real estate agent about getting the inspection scheduled. They usually have connections throughout the industry, allowing them to schedule the inspection sooner.

Review Your Inspection Report

Once the home inspection is finished, you should review the report carefully. Even brand-new homes will have minor issues; however, you want to look for big-ticket issues. Check the inspection carefully for any mention of foundation damage, roof damage, HVAC issues, electrical issues, or plumbing issues. These could be expensive problems that you need to be aware of. If you don’t understand something on the inspection report, you should reach out to your real estate agent for help. 

Do Not Overlook the Importance of a Home Inspection

Before you purchase a home, you need to know if anything is wrong with it. That’s why you can never skip the home inspection. Even if you are not going to ask the seller to make any repairs, you still need to know what is wrong with the home so you can fix it when you move in. Your real estate agent should help you schedule your inspection. 

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What Does Commercial Construction Include?

Commercial construction includes all buildings designed for commercial use. This includes standalone restaurants, stores, medical clinics, and office buildings, as well as many other types of construction like airports and government buildings. Commercial construction also includes buildings that house multiple commercial businesses such as strip malls, shopping malls, and skyscrapers. 

Commercial construction refers to the new construction of commercial buildings, but this category also includes designing and renovating commercial buildings. For example, if you wanted to renovate an old office building, you would need a company experienced in commercial construction. 

Mixed-use buildings

Some buildings contain a mixture of residential and commercial spaces, and these buildings are called mixed-use. For example, a mixed-use building may feature stores and restaurants on the street level and apartments on the upper levels. Although parts of these buildings are for residential use, they are still designed and built by a commercial builder.

Multi-unit residential buildings

Similarly, commercial builders also take build multi-unit residential buildings such as apartment complexes. Although these buildings are full of residences, they are considered commercial because the owner is running a commercial business by renting out the units. In contrast, single-family homes are considered to be residential properties, and they are built by residential construction companies.

Industrial properties

Industrial properties such as warehouses and factories are also run for profit, but these buildings are not designed, constructed, or renovated by commercial builders. Instead, they fall under the category of industrial construction because of their unique needs. 

Commercial construction projects can be small, medium, or large in scale. A small commercial construction project may involve building a dental clinic, for example. A medium project may be a strip mall, while a large project is typically something like a large airport or a multi-story building with commercial, residential, or mixed units.  

If you need help with an upcoming commercial construction project, contact us today. 

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Kent, Washington

When searching for a well-connected urban area to develop your business, Kent, WA may tick all your boxes. Centrally located between the Tacoma and Seattle metropolitan centers, Kent is city of over 130,000 boasts not only a stable population but all types of transportation to support your distribution network. Settled in 1850, Kent is now home to some of the world’s largest corporations including Amazon and Boeing. The West Hill and Valley sections of the Kent city are well-connected to Interstate 5, Sea-Tac International Airport, and the Sound Transit Light Rail system.

The residential part of the city is situated in the East Hill section features expansive subdivisions that have access to the extensive city park system. Clark Lake offers scenic walking trails highlighted by art installations by local crafters. Lake Meridien Park includes a public boat launch and swimming. The Meridien Valley Country Club boasts a 4-star restaurant, condos, and apartments overlooking the fairways, and 18-holes of golf. Shopping for East Hill includes the Crossgate, Great Wall, and Westfield Southcenter Malls offering a huge variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment all within an easy drive of the city neighborhoods.