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If you are thinking about hiring a contractor, what should a contractor know? There are several important points all contractors should understand. These include:

Licensing and Insurance: First, the contractor should be aware of all relevant licensing and insurance requirements. This is important for protecting not only the contractor but the client as well. Licensing is the reflection of the contractor’s dedication to the profession and his reflection of his or her expertise. Insurance is important because even though nobody is planning on anything going wrong, insurance should be there to cover the cost of any major mistakes.

Local Zoning Requirements: A contractor should also be aware of any local zoning requirements. If there are any permits that have to be obtained before the project can begin, a contractor should be able to handle this.

Bid Review: A contractor should also be experienced when it comes to reviewing other bids. If a contractor is bidding on a project, he or she should be aware of the cost of goods, the cost of other contractors, and the cost of the total project.

Installation Techniques: No matter what type of project you are completing, there is a chance something new was going to be installed. Your contractor should be knowledgeable about multiple installation techniques. That way, you know how the project is going to be completed.

Local Suppliers: Finally, a contractor should also know multiple local suppliers. Where are the materials going to come from? Who has the best materials at the best price?

If you find a contractor who knows all of these requirements, you should be in good hands. Do not be afraid to ask about this before moving forward.

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Kirkland, Washington

An eastern suburb of Seattle, Kirkland is the sixth largest city in King County and thirteenth largest in the state. Its population is nearly 100,000 people. It is the former home of the Seattle Seahawks, from 1976 through 2007, as well as Costco’s headquarters. Now located in Issaquah, this is where they developed their own store brand named after the city, Kirkland Signature.

Although first settled by Native Americans, English settlers began arriving in the late 1860s. The city was officially founded in 1888, and incorporated in 1905. Several annexations took place throughout the second half of the 20th century, and a final annexation in 2011 nearly doubled the number of residents to its current amount.

Downtown Kirkland sits on the shores of Lake Washington. This provides the artsy area with beautiful views alongside art galleries, a performing arts center, public art sculptures, parks, beaches, and restaurants.

The weather tends to be mild with winter lows averaging 40 °F and summer highs up to 80 °F. Of course, the state of Washington is known for be rainy, and Kirkland sees an average of 35″ per year, primarily in the winter months. There is also about 8″ of snow per year.

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