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The Top Things to Know About a Commercial Renovation Project

Do you have a commercial renovation project coming up? If so, you should make sure you’re prepared. This means partnering with an experienced commercial contractor who understands the basics of a commercial renovation project. To ensure the success of your commercial renovation project, make sure you’re prepared. What are a few topics you should think about prior to the starting the project? 

Check the Certificate of Occupancy

First, you need to check the Certificate of Occupancy. This document lets you know whether you can legally use the property for your desired business venture. There should be an online database that has your Certificate of Occupancy posted. If you need help finding this document, your contractor should be able to assist you. Furthermore, this certificate could include other potential issues, such as using the outdoor area of the property for specific business needs. Download this certificate before addressing anything else with your commercial renovation project. 

Learn About Your Existing Violations

If the building hasn’t been updated for many years, then it may have to be brought up to code. For example, there could be a fire sprinkler that isn’t working properly. There could be an issue with the pipes in your plumbing system. Your contractor should help you get a permit, so you can discover potential problems with the building. That way, you can avoid an expensive stop-work order related to one of these violations. Your city council may have an online database you can scour for possible violations. 

Review the Structural Situation With Your Contractor

You should also meet with the contractor personally and review the structural situation throughout the building. You want to customize the layout of your building to meet your daily operations. Your contractor should be able to listen to your business needs and offer suggestions at to how to make the building better meet your expectations. Your contractor should also let you know which walls are load-bearing, meaning they cannot be shifted. Your contractor can also review the plumbing and electrical situations, ensuring your building can handle the additional pressure. 

Check the Insulation Throughout the Building

Finally, you should also inspect the insulation throughout the building. If you want to reduce your overhead expenses, you may want to improve the insulation in certain areas of the building, particularly the roof. That way, you can reduce the heat and air conditioning you leak to the outside. This could reduce your utility expenses. Consider improving the insulation as a part of your renovation project. 

Work With the Right Contracting Team

Your building is an investment. By renovating and upgrading the existing structure, you can increase its value. Furthermore, by partnering with the right contractor, you can tailor the building to meet your specific commercial needs. Think carefully about the contracting service with which you partner. A strong commercial contracting service should place you in the best position possible to be successful. 

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