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What Is the Difference Between an Independent Contractor and a General Contractor?

When searching for a construction contractor, you may uncover several unfamiliar terms that deserve clarification as you
consider your options. Unless you’re a construction professional or have overseen previous commercial construction or new
home build projects, one question you may ask is, what’s the difference between an independent contractor and a general

Independent Contractor

Typically, independent contractors focus on completing a specific portion of a construction job. They generally are, but not
always, specialists in one area, such as framing, finishing, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. Independent contractors are often
hired and managed directly by the project owner. Independent contractors are more likely to be called on for repair projects
like a plumbing leak or specific home renovations like upgrading a bathroom or finishing a basement. The independent
contractor coordinates directly with the project owner for all aspects of the job, from estimate to completion.
When a project owner hires multiple independent contractors to manage a construction project, the owner’s workload
increases substantially. They can expect to coordinate and align multiple contractor schedules, answer questions, pay each
contractor for work completed, order and schedule materials for delivery, and make project-related decisions regularly with
each of the numerous contacts.

General Contractor

In contrast, a general contractor is typically the overseer of an entire job site project. For instance, if you were looking to hire a
construction company for a new home build or to complete a commercial construction project, you would likely hire a general
contractor. Why? Because a general contractor will oversee the construction of your whole project. They are true project
managers who focus on bringing your vision to life. They evaluate your construction project down to tiny details. Then they
hire sub-contractor specialists from the area to handle the different aspects of your project, based on their specialties. They
coordinate the schedules of those multiple sub-contractors and ensure that each phase of the project is completed in order, on
time, and on budget. General contractors also manage the shipping and delivery of all raw materials needed for the job site.
General contractors have the expertise, contacts, and relationships to manage construction projects seamlessly. While many
owners may know an independent contractor or two, but most don’t maintain connections with all types of contractors needed to
complete most commercial construction or new home builds efficiently. In some cases, the general contractor’s relationships
with material suppliers can also benefit property owners by accelerating delivery or taking advantage of lower costs based on
the overall volume of business they do.
With a general contractor in charge, the work of all sub-contractors tends to go more smoothly. General contractors ensure
that property owners deal with only one point of contact. This saves property owners time and eliminates hassles from
mistakes and miscommunications. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for finger-pointing to occur when problems arise on a job
site. Those problems are typically handled behind the scenes with a general contractor in charge without involving the
property owner.
Unless you are a construction professional, property owners should always hire a general contractor for commercial projects or
new home builds.

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What conditions should a developer meet to be considered for a job? If you have a construction project coming up, you should work with a professional developer. There are plenty of developers who would love to earn your business, so you need to think carefully about which team you decide to work with. There are several conditions that a developer should meet before you decide to hire them.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

First, your developer should have proper licensing and insurance. Proper licensing is important because it is a demonstration of her expertise. Developers who obtain the right licensing have demonstrated a commitment to the field. Your developer should also have insurance. Even though you don’t think an emergency will take place, it is always better for the developer to have a strong insurance policy. The policy protects not only you but also the developer.

The Right Experience

In addition, your developer should have the right experience. Construction projects come in many shapes and forms. Perhaps you are trying to build a gas station. Maybe you want to build a strip mall. These are very different projects, and you should find a developer who has experience with your specific type of project. This is important for putting your project in the best position possible to be successful.

Solid Reviews and Ratings

Finally, you should also ensure your developer has solid reviews and ratings. You may want to talk to a few contractors who have worked with that development team in the past. That way, you can see what the contractors think of the firm. You may also want to talk to some of their prior clients to ensure they had a positive experience. If your developer meets all of these criteria, you have probably found the right person to help you.

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Custom Home Builder – Let Us Make Your Dream Come True.

Why Should I Hire a Residential Builder to Build My Home? When building a new home, you have a lot of options. You can build the home yourself, you can hire a primary contractor who quarterbacks the process in order to get the home built, you can be the contractor and subcontract individual parts of the construction as needed, or you can go with a residential home building company. Such a builder specializes in total home construction, from design to execution. This option offers substantial benefits, and it’s worth knowing what a residential builder can offer you and your new home.

Design Expertise

The first thing you get when you hire a residential builder is design expertise. You can tell them what you want, and they can translate your ideas into functional and efficient designs that really work and possibly save on resources. Involving professionals is the best way to get better designs overall.

Contractor and Vendor Savings

Residential builders regularly work with a wide range of contractors and vendors. They establish professional relationships, and they can often get discounted, competitive pricing on labor and materials. This is an opportunity for professional builders to save you a considerable amount of money on the cost of a new home without compromising quality.

Quality Results

Speaking of quality, professional builders produce professional results. When everything is handled by seasoned veterans who know their craft, you get a home that looks great and feels amazing. You can also count on it to last a long time and ultimately prove its value.
Better home builders create better homes. If that’s what you want, then a professional residential builder is the way to go. 

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What is the importance of having a warranty when doing commercial building? Before you hire a commercial construction team to finish your project, you need to take a close look at the contract. In particular, you need to pay attention to the warranty. A warranty is important because it can cover the cost of repairing or replacing something that goes wrong with your construction project. Even though you assume the developer has done a good job, you never know when something might break. There are two specific types of warranties you need to pay attention to.

Labor Warranty

A labor warranty is designed to cover the cost of repairing an issue that is directly related to the quality of the labor. For example, maybe the development team didn’t do a good job with the roof. Perhaps there are issues with the drywall. These could be labor issues that are covered by the warranty. If the labor led to building integrity issues, such as roofing problems, then the purpose of the warranty is to cover the cost of fixing the issues.

Parts Warranty

New commercial construction projects should also come with a warranty that covers parts or appliances. For example, maybe there was a manufacturing defect with some of the appliances in the building. Perhaps the light fixtures were not constructed properly. In this case, your parts warranty should cover the cost of replacing them. This warranty is important because it demonstrates that the manufacturer has confidence in his or her products.

Always Look at the Warranty

You should pay close attention to the duration of your labor and parts warranty. You should also pay attention to what they cover. The importance of a warranty on the work done by your contractor on your property can not be overstated. 

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Mirrormont, Washington

Founded in 1962, Mirrormont, WA, is located in King County, south of Issaquah. Over the last decade, several larger homes
have been developed in Mirrormont, Washington, including Cedar Grove and the Highlands at Tiger Mountain. Mirrormont itself
is described as a rural neighborhood of Issaquah. Did you know that a villa in Casablanca, Morocco, inspired the name
Mirrormont? So says Rod Loveless, the original developer of Mirrormont, Washington, who was stationed in Casablanca at the
end of World War II. During his time there, he dated a French girl whose parents owned a villa called Villa Miramar, which
translated to “view of the sea.” Since Mirrormont has a “view of the mountains,” Loveless tweaked the term “Miramonte” to

The Mirrormont Country Club opened in 1969 and has been serving the community ever since. It’s the centerpiece of many
community events, from progressive dinners to pool parties. The Clubhouse features a large gathering room, a full kitchen, and
a projector screen. Local events from baby showers to birthday parties are hosted at this community staple.

From a real estate sale perspective, Mirrormont is also known for its high-quality school district, low crime rates, and owner-occupied
single-family homes. Half of the working population is either an executive, in management, or in a professional

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