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What Do You Need To Ask Your Contracting Service?

If you’re trying to find a contracting service in the local area, you may be wondering how you can select the right one. There are several questions you need to ask your contracting service before you make a hiring decision. Learn more about what you need to know about your potential contractor and place your project in a good position to deliver a quality result.

Do You Have the Right Licensing and Insurance for My Project?

First, you need to ask the contracting service if they have licensing and insurance. Licensing is important because it demonstrates to you that the contractor has the expertise to complete your project. Insurance is also important because it provides protection for you and the contractor. Even though you don’t think something is going to go wrong when the project gets started, you never know what might happen. If something happens to your property during the course of the project, insurance from the contracting service can cover the cost of damages.

What Projects Have You Worked On in the Past? Are There Any Similar To Mine?

You should also ask the contracting service about the projects it has worked on in the past. What types of projects have they handled? Have they handled anything like your project? Finding out about other projects is important because you want to find someone who has experience in your specific area. If you hire contractors that have experience in your area, you increase the chances of enjoying a quality result. Any contracting service that would like your business should have a ready list of referrals and references available.

How Many Other Projects Do You Have Right Now?

You should also ask the contracting service about other projects they are handling right now. How many other projects do they currently have? If they have a lot of current projects, they may have a difficult time completing your project on time. On the other hand, if they have a lot of contractors, or if the schedule is relatively open, they may be able to complete your project more quickly. Take a look at the other projects they currently have going on. This can help you figure out if they have room for your project in their schedule.

Find the Right Contracting Service for You

These are a few of the most important questions you need to ask your contracting service before you decide to hire them. By finding out more about that specific contracting service, you can place your project in the best position possible to be successful. If the contractors truly want your business, they should be willing to share this information with you. That way, you can rest easy knowing that you have found the right contracting service to help you complete your projects.

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If you want to maximize the return on your real estate investment, you may be thinking about developing your property. Before you begin a project, you should be sure your property can actually be developed. You probably don’t want to be in violation of any local regulations or restrictions. How do you know if your property can be developed?

Check Property Zoning With the Local Land Use Department

First, check the property zoning with your local land use department.

Is the property zoned for residential use? Is the property zoned for commercial use?

If it is zoned for residential use, can the property be used for multi-family housing? If the property is zoned for commercial use, are there any restrictions on which industries can operate in that location?

Before you decide on the type of project you want to build, be sure it is zoned for that specific purpose. A lot of this information can be uncovered using the county Geographic Information System (GIS).

Look for Any Restrictive Covenants

Next, you should check the property information for any restrictive covenants. For example, if you are building homes in a neighborhood, there may be restrictions on the size or type of home you can build. If you are building a commercial building, there could be restrictive covenants in a specific retail strip or mall location. Understand the restrictive covenants that might be in place, and then work with professionals who can help you navigate them.

Work With a Professional Team

This can be a difficult process to navigate if you have never been through it before. That is why you should rely on professionals who can help you. Before you start your project, you have to be sure you are allowed to develop property in this location.

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Are you thinking about building your own home? If so, you need to work with the right contracting team. Before you get started, you need to have a pre-construction services agreement or PCSA. What does this mean, and why is this so important to your project? Take a look below.

An Overview of a Pre-Construction Services Agreement (PCSA)

When discussing pre-construction services agreements, people refer to a document that you use to designate a professional team to complete your services. This is not a formal legal document; however, it is required if you want to obtain stage tendering. Often, your contracting team will not provide you with detailed input or technical advice until you sign this agreement. Furthermore, this agreement will also detail costs that could be associated with a contracting service. That way, you can get a more accurate estimate regarding the cost of your project.

What Is Included in a Pre-Construction Services Agreement?

There is a lot of information that will be included in this type of agreement. For example, after you sign this agreement, you can schedule more meetings with your contracting team. You can also commission studies to take a closer look at the land. If you need to work with engineers for specific parts of the project, this agreement can help you access them. You can also use this agreement to acquire land for your project.

Read Your Agreement Carefully

Ultimately, you need to read your agreement carefully. That way, you understand exactly what you’re asking your building team to do. Furthermore, if you and your contracting team come to an agreement, you can prevent confusion in the future. This can save a significant amount of time and money when the project gets going.

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The first step in any commercial building project is laying the foundation. It holds the entire weight of the building, and because of that, foundations have to be built correctly. For the most part, there are three common types of foundations in commercial applications: T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and mat.

T-Shaped Foundations

T-shaped foundations are also known as footing designs. The style places concrete footings under each column of a steel building. The footings are connected via a continuous wall or connecting beams, and concrete is used to fill all of the spaces.

These foundations are used for taller buildings that place large amounts of weight in concentrated areas. In other words, they distribute most of their weight at the base of columns rather than across a wide foundation.

Slab-on-Grade Foundations

Slab-on-grade foundations are a very common design choice. These foundations deploy a single slab of concrete directly on the soil. If you have ever seen a house being built, they use this same foundation style for the majority of homes.

Slab-on-grade foundations are the most cost-effective choice, provided they meet load-bearing requirements for the building.

An alternative to slab-on-grade is used in cold climates where the freezing ground can create issues. With frost-resistant slab foundations, a barrier is placed between the concrete and the soil.

Mat Foundations

Mat foundations are frequently called raft foundations. They are similar to slab-on-grade in that the foundation is made from a single slab. The difference is that mat foundations hold columns that support the upper floors. The columns aim to displace the upper floor weight across the foundation. Because of this design, mat foundations are often more substantial and can hold greater loads than their slab-on-grade counterparts.

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Newcastle, Washington

Newcastle, Washington is known for its beautiful weather, its awesome golf courses, and its outstanding school system for your kids. Because Newcastle is also a growing town, it’s a great place for business owners to set up shop as well. Located in King County, Washington, the population of this Seattle suburb is just over 10,000.

If you’re looking to close on a home in Newcastle, WA, there are plenty of places with condos, apartments, and homes. The cost of living in Newcastle is relatively low, and the people are friendly. There are plenty of real estate agents who can work with you to find the right school system for your children, plan appropriately for traffic, and place you in a good position ticket to work on time. Whether you’re looking for a home for sale in Newcastle, Washington, or you’re simply looking to rent in the 425 in 2021, Newcastle has a great history that you’ll love to explore.

Therefore, why not take a closer look at everything the city of Newcastle, Washington has to offer? You’ll love this Seattle suburb in Washington. The weather is great, the real estate in Newcastle, Washington is fantastic, and you’ll have access to the great restaurants in Seattle. The sun is always shining in this Eastside city in the 98059 ZIP Code.

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