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What Are Some Good Questions to Ask a Contractor?

It’s important to ask prospective contractors the following questions before retaining their services. Therefore, clear communication and addressing possible issues early can make all the difference when it comes to running a construction project efficiently and on budget.

Are you fully and properly licensed to perform this type of project in my area?

Do not hesitate to ask to see a copy of a prospective contractor’s license. Therefore, if you feel the need, call the issuing agency and inquire about its current validity. This is a very important step, so don’t slack on it!

Are you comprehensively insured to monetarily handle any bad situation that might develop during the project?

Nobody wants a bad time, right? So just take a couple of minutes to ensure that a prospective contractor has the proper insurance to guarantee a safe and secure project. Every contractor should minimally have general liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation insurance.

What is the projected timeline for the completion of this project?

It’s important to allocate a feasible timeline for every construction project, and then do everything possible to stick to it. Ask about any possibilities for circumstances to arise and set back the intended schedule. Be adamant about scheduling to simplify the entire construction process.

How will this project be supervised?

You don’t want a situation where the lead tradesmen are on other projects, leaving the new help to complete yours. Express your need to have a qualified, confident, and professional lead on the project at all important times. While it isn‘t always necessary to have the boss present, he or she should check in with both you and the employees regularly to ensure job quality.

What is your proposed payment schedule?

Contractors aren’t free and money talk should be expected and encouraged. A professional contractor will not ask you for all of the money for a project up-front. However, operational expenses, employee wages, and materials have to be taken care of. A contractor you would want to work with will not mind you asking, and will probably have all payment details worked out for you from the beginning. 

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How Do I Know if My Property Can Be Developed?

Modern property development involves a rigorous and multifaceted process. Various evaluations and approvals are required from both private and public parties.

Major steps in the process include initially inspecting the property, obtaining all necessary city, county, and state government permits; and implementing various construction and development subprojects.

Before breaking ground, you’re going to need to determine if the property is suitable for the development plans you’re considering. Various factors influence whether a particular parcel of land is appropriate for your specific intentions. Perform your due diligence early to avoid making costly and time-consuming mistakes later.

Zoning Requirements

A good starting place to determine if your property is developable is research. Contact the local zoning department and inquire about the specific zoning requirements and allotments for the parcel. Understand every requirement you’ll have to meet to develop the property.

Restrictive Covenants

Review your property deed or title report, searching for any restrictive covenants that affect what you’re entitled to do with the property. Examples of restrictive covenants include a limit to the number of structures permitted, minimum or maximum allowable building dimensions, distance from property boundary to build from, and the types and heights of fencing allowed.

Utility Services

Contact local utility companies to determine where your closest service connections are and what their connection fees will be. Find out if there is already a proper sewage system on the property or if you’ll need to have one installed.

Seeking Professional Assistance

The process of developing a commercial or residential property will, at a minimum, involve:

  • Precisely identifying property boundaries
  • Determining the locations of utilities or right-of-way easements
  • Testing the soil to determine if it can sustain the weight of the buildings you intend
  • Testing the soil percolation rate to determine the best location for a septic system

Retaining the help of a professional property development company can save you a lot of hassle, frustration, time, and money.

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Can I save money by building my own home Instead of hiring a builder? There are opportunities to save money by doing work on your new home yourself. Any amount of labor you put into home construction lowers contracting costs and translates to real savings, so opportunities definitely exist.

Building On Your Own Is Complicated

You probably won’t save as much money as you think. Typically, around 25 percent of the cost of a new home goes to contractors. So, if you do all of that work yourself, you’ll save a quarter of the cost of the home, right?

Well, a lot of home construction has to be done by certified experts. If you don’t have those certifications, then you’ll have to subcontract work to those who do. This will cover foundation work, all electrical, any gas line work, load-bearing construction, and more. By the time you subcontract all of this, your real savings will probably be 10 percent or less. If you don’t have any certifications, it will be hard to cut more than five percent of the cost of the home this way.

The better option is to work with the home builder to see what jobs can be cut from their list and left for you. Some of these jobs are harder than others, and if you make mistakes from inexperience, it can drive up the cost of your home. But, these are at least worth considering and discussing:

  • Installing cabinetry
  • Hanging drywall
  • Running internet cables
  • Installing flooring
  • Landscaping

Depending on local regulations, a home builder might be responsible for all work that undergoes inspection. This would make it difficult for you to do uncertified work like installing flooring or cabinets. In most cases, your best opportunity to save money is with landscaping. It can be labor­intensive, but a lot of landscaping work can be completed without certifications or inspections.

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What details should a commercial construction contract include? If you have a commercial construction project starting in the near future, you need to make sure you have a clear contract in place. Even if you feel like the construction company is friendly, a handshake deal is not good enough. What do you need to include in your commercial construction contract? 

The Price Breakdown

Of course, you need to include all information related to the price. What is the agreed price of the project? This will probably just be an estimate, but it needs to be in there. Then, be sure to include any factors that might impact the final price. Is there a bonus if the project is finished early? What happens if the price of the materials goes up? If the construction company has to hire subcontractors, who pay them? Make sure all the information related to the price of the project is clear.

Contingency Clauses for the Project

Even though the project might be scheduled to finish on a certain day, what happens if it gets delayed? What if the weather is bad? What if there is a supply shortage or there is a labor shortage? And, what if there is a permit issue? The contract should cover these potential problems as well.

The Scope of the Work

Finally, make sure the contract clearly states what the scope of the project is going to be. What is the commercial construction company responsible for? Are they responsible for the frame of the building and utilities as well? Are there any landscaping issues the company needs to handle? Make sure the contract lays out these areas. If you remember these key facets of the contract, you should have the skeleton of a comprehensive commercial construction contract.

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North Bend, Washington

North Bend, Washington, is a quaint town located about thirty miles east of Seattle in the Cascade Mountains’ foothills. This beautiful area is most known for its gorgeous scenery, crystal clear rivers, and exhilarating camping opportunities.

The Snoqualmie Summit is about 27 miles east of North Bend. Snoqualmie Valley is world-renowned for its natural splendor and numerous hiking trails, including the Mount Si trail, which is located less than 3 miles from the outskirts of North Bend.

Nearby Mount Si, Tanner Landing Park and the Three Forks Natural Area draw year-round visitors from the world over. The natural beauty of this region is very difficult to envision without seeing it in person. Even video and photos do it no justice.

Many North Bend visitors enjoy taking a lazy ride on a historic railroad coach from the Northwest Railway Museum. The 5.5-mile trip gently cruises through the Snoqualmie Valley along the original railway tracks from the 1880s. You’ll find plenty of local options for fine dining, antiquing, and visiting local art galleries, all within a short walking distance.

You’ll not make it far into North Bend, WA, without being reminded that the town was the setting for the smash television series: Twin Peaks. And if you’re a big fan, there’s a Twin Peaks Festival every July in North Bend

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