Benson Hill Elementary School

Benson Hill Elementary School is a public school serving approximately 540 students within the Renton School District. Therefore it’s conveniently located on 116th Ave, SE, in Renton, Washington. It’s one of 15 elementary schools in the district. Children in kindergarten through fifth grade attend Benson Hill Elementary, and they are referred to as Bobcats, as represented by the school mascot.  

Benson Hill Elementary School Faculty

Martha Flemming currently serves as the principal of the school, with Kimberly Booker as Assistant Principal. This school employs 72 faculty members, and it offers a teacher-to-student ratio of 18:1, which is above average for the Renton School District of King County, Washington. 

The staff and administration at Benson Hill pride themselves on teaching three core values that include:

  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Equity

Emphasis is placed on reading and math as well as on student and community engagement and social and emotional learning. Therefore, parents and community members are actively encouraged to participate in school activities, functions, and events, and the school environment is inclusive and accommodating. 

Student Diversity at Benson Hill

The School is culturally diverse, with students from several ethnicities, including Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, and Pacific Islander. In addition, the school partners with many local community agencies to provide before- and after-school programs for local children and to provide various types of assistance to local families who qualify.

In the past, Benson Hill has offered both online and in-person instruction to give families more of a voice in how they wish to educate their children. Therefore, the school offers a number of online resources for families who choose distance learning. 

The School Community

Benson Hill Elementary is a Title I school, meaning most of the children enrolled face economic barriers. As a Title 1 school, it receives additional funding from the federal government to help fund educational programs directly benefiting pupils and their families. 

The school has received numerous positive reviews on Google regarding the quality of its faculty and programs. Parents seem to appreciate the education their children receive at this idealistic school in Renton, Washington. 

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