Cecil Moses Memorial Park

Cecil Moses Memorial Park in Tukwila, WA, is a three-acre park that sits at the northern end of the 19-mile-long Green River Trail. The Trail’s southern end is in Auburn. During the hike, you get to see excellent views and gain access to the Green-Duwamish River and its surrounding valley.

Parking is available in the Cecil Moses Memorial Park, making it a great staging area for hikes as well as for picnics and taking in views. It is on the west bank of North Wind’s Weir, which is a critical transition zone between fresh and salt water. This is important for salmon who are migrating to Puget Sound, which is saltwater, from freshwater rivers upstream.

Look for the Rocks

There is something special about the rocks north of the bridge near the eastern shore of the Weir. These are only visible when water levels are low. The rocks form a Native American cultural site and are important features in stories from the Puget Sound Salish oral tradition. These stories are known as the Epic of the Winds.

Environmental Restoration and Preservation

The Duwamish Alive Coalition and King County Parks are working to restore and preserve the environment at this park. Currently, work includes removing invasive plants, fencing off a slough and marsh to increase beneficial plant diversity and enlarge habitat space, adding native plants, and adding mulch.

Notably, new plants are now installed in the fall to allow them to acclimate over winter. This is because the climate is now warmer than it used to be, and it is too dry to plant on the traditional springtime schedule.

Is There Any Entertainment?

No, typically there is no human-provided entertainment. Instead, Cecil Moses Memorial Park is an environmental sanctuary area, and the environment itself is what people come to see.

Where is Cecil Moses Memorial Park?

You can find the park at 11099 27th Ave S, Tukwila, WA 98168. It is near Highway 99, and not too far from I-5.

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