Do I Need to Own Land For My New Home?

When you decide it’s time to build a house, one of your first questions will likely be: “Do I need to own land for my new home?”. In almost all cases, the answer to that will be yes.

Why You Need to Own the Land

While it is technically possible to have alternative arrangements for land, such as a long-term lease, builders and lenders almost always insist that you own the land instead. That’s because land ownership keeps everything legally simple and greatly reduces the chance for trouble – both for you and for them.

What if You Don’t Have any Land?

Building On Your Own Land

It’s best to hunt down a piece of property before moving forward. Real estate agents will be able to show you plenty of vacant properties. You can also do your own search. It is common for land parcels to be sold without much advertisement, too. This is especially true in highly rural areas, so if you’re looking for a land far from a city, dedicate some days to driving around and looking for FSBO (For Sale by Owner) options.

Building in a Community

Real estate developers who run communities make it easy for you to get the land your house will sit on. you want a new house in the community, they’ll sell you a lot and a house as a package deal. This makes it easy to get started but also limits you in terms of lot size and the design of the house.

Here at Multi-M Contracting in Tukwila, Washington, we specialize in building on your land. Whether you want one single-family house or you’re looking to develop a large tract, contact us for more information.