Duwamish Hill Preserve

Duwamish Hill Preserve is located in Tukwila, WA. It’s not only a historical site, but the 10.5 acres of land also boast a rich cultural heritage and ecological significance. The property has undergone many restoration projects to enhance the visual aspects of the land. The addition of an outdoor classroom, the Cultural Garden, and an upgraded trail system. This place is a great example of how Washington State preserves the state’s past and present. All of that is for the benefit of future generations.

Since the purchase of Duwamish Hill Preserve by the City of Tukwila in 2004, the restoration process has also been guided by a local special interest group. Friends of the Hill and Forterra is a company that specializes in providing land-based solutions. Thus, to address the climate crisis and support prosperous green communities.

The site today

Today, the Duwamish Hill Preserve is dedicated to the conservation of the rich cultural history of Native Americans. But also, this place is an example of how suburban sprawl can be abated. In addition, environmental degradation decreased, and urban green spaces were enhanced. Community woodlands and urban parks like This place are also critical to mitigating regional flooding from storms while encouraging socialization and exercise within communities.

As an outdoor classroom, this place teaches local students about native plants, local wildlife, and the importance of protected habitats. The variety of life, or biodiversity, within a particular ecosystem is essential for the support of all life on Earth. Since the Duwamish Hill Preserve sits at an elevated position, it offers a prime vantage point over the city. The one which gave ancestral tribe members the ability to watch for incoming groups.

Between private partnerships, the local community, and the City of Tukwila government, this historical hill, which is named after a glacial remnant, will continue to preserve many local species and fauna that are rarely seen outside the Duwamish River banks. This river flows along the lower 12-mile portion of Washington State’s Green River. Known as the Duwamish Waterway, it is Seattle’s only river and provides a prime environment for schools of salmon and recreational fishing.

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