How Often Should I Hear from My Homebuilder?

During the conceptualization phase of your new construction project, you may be in consistent contact with your home builder. Early meetings will review the timing and logistics of the build. Once the contractors greenlight your project, you may not hear from your homebuilder as often. However, many project managers will check in to keep you in the loop about the progress.

Weekly communication with homebuilders

Homebuilders will likely have a busy schedule doing the job you hired them to do—building your dream house. Once projects are underway, crews work tirelessly to complete your build within the desired timeframe. Daily communication isn’t necessary unless problems arise or you have any questions. Instead, expect to hear updates from your homebuilder once a week or every other week.

Milestone updates on a new home build

Homebuilders will likely contact you as your project meets significant milestones. If the team doesn’t meet the milestone or an unexpected delay occurs, your builder will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can anticipate that timelines for completion will change as the project gets underway. Request a weekly check-in with your builder to provide you with peace of mind if delays occur.

Keep communication with contractors positive

Not hearing from a contractor often is usually a good sign and means progress has occurred without any major setbacks. Although building a new home is stressful, take a step back and let your team do their work. Unannounced visits to build sites will interrupt workflow and slow down progress. Schedule set times to visit work sites and meet with builders in person.

Choosing a great Washington State builder like Multi M Contracting will help guarantee you stay in touch with your construction team every step of the way.