Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Peace and Tranquility at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Almost everyone has heard of the famous Jimi Hendrix, a rock guitarist that stole the heart of millions with his music. Upon his burial in 1970, he rested in Greenwood Memorial Park and Cemetery. Paying tribute to Jimi’s accomplishments, he was moved to a new memorial on November 26, 2002. That was a day before the remembrance of his 60th birthday.

Greenwood Memorial Park and Cemetery are known for their beautiful grounds and serene spaces. But, the Jimi Hendrix monument is a sight to see. The half-million-dollar monument has a 30-foot-high granite dome which is supported by three pearl-gray columns of granite with rainbow marble trim. Some of Jimi’s famous lyrics are also engraved into the marble, including a portrait.

A monument fit for a king, this landmark is beautiful for photos or a quiet place to gather thoughts. The centerpiece of a family plot, Hendrix is buried right next to his mother and father. What makes the memorial unique is that this plot of land extends outward in a circular pattern of gravesites honoring all those in the family who have also passed away. A point of attraction for anyone visiting the area, this is just the beginning of a tour that includes a bronze statue of Jimi Hendrix located near downtown. There are tons of things to do and see in the area, so the memorial is a perfect place to wind down and enjoy the scenery.

How to get to our location

The Jimi Hendrix Memorial is definitely one to see. Located at 350 Monroe Ave. NE, Renton, WA, is easily accessible from the north or south. From I-405 Northbound, take Exit 4, then turn right onto the ramp. Make a left on SR-169, or SE Maple Valley Hwy. Turn right onto SR-900, or Sunset Blvd N. Keep right onto the local road and make a right on NE 3rd St. Turn right onto Monroe Avenue.

From I-405 South, take Exit 5, then make a right onto the ramp. Turn left onto SR-900, or NE Park Drive, then turn right onto NE 10th St. Make a right onto Monroe Ave NE.

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