King County Metro South Base

While the Downtown Base is Seattle Metro’s main hub, King County Metro South Base is a regional transit hub located in Tukwila, Washington. The South Base serves neighborhoods including Allentown, Cascade View, Duwamish, Foster, Foster Point, McMicken, Riverton, Ryan Hill, Southcenter (Urban Center), Thorndyke, and Tukwila Hill.

What is the King County Metro Base South’s address?

Seattle Metro’s South Base Operations is located at 12100 E Marginal Way S, Tukwila, WA 98168.

What’s the town of Tukwila, Washington, like?

Tukwila is a multi-community area positioned due south of Seattle. Its 2020 population was about 22,000. Tukwila is about 15 miles away from Burien, SeaTac, Renton, and Skyway.

Plus, Tukwila is right in the heart of big-city action, but it’s close to a ton of parks, including the Black River Riparian Park, Fort Dent Park, and the beautiful Foster Golf Links.

Tukwila has unlimited options for entertainment, dining, sightseeing, fishing, and enjoying all of the other attractions and energy that make Seattle world-famous.

How can I contact the South Metro Base in King County, WA?

The direct phone number for the MTD/Bus Operations – South Base is 206-477-3952. The fax number is 206-876-9670. The transit hub is Mail Stop: SBA-TR-0100. The superintendent is William McCoy.

How far is the King County Metro Base South from the Seattle airport?

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is only about 5 miles from Tukwila. You can head northwest on Southcenter Blvd, hit WA-518 West, and then exit to the left at the Airport Expressway. The trip only takes about 10 minutes in light traffic.

Are there any good restaurants in Tukwila, Washington?

Seattle offers more restaurants per capita than most cities on the planet. There are so many food options here that it’s almost impossible to cover them all. There’s handmade street food, fresh-harvested seafood at Pike Place Market, and the finest upscale gourmet restaurants. You’ll find everything that you would ever want to eat in Seattle!

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