Lindbergh Senior High School

Charles A. Lindbergh High School, also known as Lindbergh High or Lindbergh Senior High School, is located in the Seattle suburb of Renton. It is named after Charles Lindbergh, a famous aviator who flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

Lindbergh High School opened in 1972. At the time, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were invited to enroll in the school. Thus, the school graduated its first class in 1974. The crest of Lindbergh High School features the Spirit of St. Louis, which is the name of the plane that Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic. On the crest, there are two dates. The first is 1927, marking the year of the flight. The second is 1972, marking the year that the school was founded.

Athletics at Lindbergh Senior High School

Lindbergh High School has changed sports leagues and rival schools a few times throughout its history. Currently, Lindbergh High School competes as a member of the KingCo 2A league. Other schools in the sports league include Sammamish, Evergreen, Foster, Highline, Tyee, and Renton, which are all high schools in the local Renton and Seattle areas.

Lindbergh High School offers many sports for boys and girls, including football, baseball, cross-country, track and field, wrestling, basketball, and swimming.

Academics at Lindbergh Senior High School

The academics at Lindbergh High School are considered strong. Thus, the school offers a wide variety of classes, allowing students to tailor their choices to meet their future career and college goals. Lindbergh High School also offers several Advanced Placement courses, which students can take to earn college credit. A few examples of Advanced Placement courses offered by Lindbergh include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP U.S. History, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP English, and multiple AP language classes.

Lindbergh High School regularly evaluates its course selection to ensure students are receiving the best education possible. Moreover, Lindbergh High also regularly hires teachers with exceptional track records in an effort to keep class sizes small. This ensures that all students get the attention that they deserve.

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