What Should You Not Forget When Building a New House?

Building your new home from the floor plan up is an exciting, and involved, process. From finalizing blueprints to picking paint colors, there are hundreds of details to consider. So many that a few important ones are often overlooked! So what should you not forget when building a new house? We’ve gathered this list straight from the new construction professionals at Multi-M Contracting. 

Place Your Power Outlets Thoughtfully

One of the perks of building a house from scratch is the ability to customize it for your particular tastes and needs. A well-thought-out placement of power outlets can make your life infinitely more convenient. Don’t forget to have them placed on either side of the bed, close to countertops and appliances in the kitchens and bathrooms, and in the garage to power and charge your outdoor tools. 

Take Your TV Into Consideration

Another thing you should be sure to consider when building a new house is the placement of your television. Many people build luxurious, comfortable dens and living rooms, but end up with a configuration that doesn’t make sense for the furniture. Don’t leave your family staring at a blank wall or craning their necks to see the TV! Think carefully about how the room will be laid out, and then leave ample room either above the mantle or on a wall for your television. 

Storage, Storage, Storage…and More Storage

The importance of storage for both your quality of life and your home’s resale value cannot be overstated, according to the professionals at Multi-M Contracting. Make sure to invest in good-sized closets in bedrooms and halls, plenty of pantry and cabinet space in the kitchen, and both overhead and under-counter storage in the bathroom if you can manage it. The more space you have for storage the better. You can even talk to your contractor about adding built-ins and other clever storage solutions for your house today!

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