Raisbeck Aviation High School

Raisbeck Aviation High School is a high school located in Tukwila, Washington. It is a part of the Highline School District that focuses on STEM education. It’s particularly for those who desire a career in aviation and aerospace engineering. It is one of the smaller schools in the school district, with a student body of about 400 people. The school was founded in 2004 and follows the motto, “The sky is not the limit.” Raisbeck Aviation High School also encourages the involvement of parents, ensuring they are kept informed about the performances of their students. The high school also has mechanisms in place for students to provide feedback to teachers and administrators.

Raisbeck Aviation High School takes a unique approach to student learning by asking students to take control of their learning and defend their approaches in front of experts from the aviation and aerospace industry. Typically, students are paired with a mentor from one of the local companies. The mentor sticks with them through the education process. Students at Raisbeck Aviation High School have access to a variety of courses and career paths, and students work with their mentors to decide which path is best for them.

Academic Programs Available

There are several academic programs available. For example, students can choose to join the Satellite Team. This team focuses on building satellites they can launch into orbit, and they work with mentors from Boeing, Blue Origin, and Planetary Resources. Another popular team is the Phoenix Force Robotics Team. This team focuses on building robots that compete in competitions across the country, and they are dubbed the “football team” of the school. Students can also join the Aviation Career Experience Team, which focuses on working closely with experts in the industry to get students ready for a career in aviation engineering.

Even though Raisbeck Aviation High School does not have a traditional athletics program, it does have an ultimate frisbee team. The team is called Turbulence, and it competes against other ultimate frisbee clubs and teams in the local area. All students need to earn a PE credit to graduate.

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