Renton Art & Glass Studio and Gallery

The area of downtown Renton is alive and well with numerous eclectic establishments that you can visit to get the most out of the region. One example is Renton Art & Glass Studio and Gallery. If you’re looking to learn more about glasswork and glassblowing, this glass studio is the place to go. From the first day the studio opened its doors, the goal was to educate everyone about the beautiful, malleable, amazing properties of glass. That’s why there’s so much to offer at this studio.

The Instructors at Renton Art & Glass Studio and Gallery Provide Classes

While you can certainly visit this Studio and Gallery to see some beautiful work on display, you can also sign up to take classes from the instructors. The instructors at the studio are Joni Johnson, Bob Mays, Brad Burzynski, Heidi Gordon, and Roberta Wyde. Each instructor has a tremendous amount of experience working with glass; however, each instructor also specializes in a certain area. Every instructor’s class is a product of his or her own experiences, which is why you should take a look at all the offerings at the studio. Whether you want to make cool glass beads or make massive works of art, it’s all possible at the studio.

You Can Rent a Studio at the Renton Art and Glass Studio

If you would like to host an event to remember, consider renting a studio at the Renton Art & Glass Studio and Gallery. There’s a limited amount of rental time available, so if you would like to learn more about openings, reach out to the studio. Furthermore, if you would like to hold events as a guest artist, you can also rent space at the studio. Why not take advantage of everything the glass studio has to offer?

Explore Everything the Studio Has to Offer

There’s always something happening at the studio, so remember to swing by from time to time and see the beautiful work instructors and students have put on display. Then, if you’d like to rent out space to host your own event, call and see what’s available at the local Renton Glass Studio!

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