Renton Library

Renton Library, also known as Renton Public Library, is part of the King County Library System. The library is located in Renton, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1966, the library did not become part of the King County Library System until several decades later. In a contentious fight, it became part of the Seattle metropolitan library system, joining the rest of the King County Library System.

Many people love to visit the library and read by the Cedar River because of its gorgeous view. The library is approximately 80 feet long (or 24m), resting on concrete girders and pilings. Every day, you can find people enjoying a great book as they overlook the water. 

The Renovation of the Library

In 2014, the library underwent an extensive renovation. For safety purposes, the management team wanted to improve the library’s ability to withstand seismic forces, such as those generated by earthquakes. In addition, numerous windows were removed and replaced with glass that runs from the floor to the ceiling. This makes it easier for people to enjoy the beautiful views outside even as they read from inside. This also dramatically increased the amount of natural light in the building, reducing utility expenses.

The library has a myriad of books from which to choose. Many of the titles regularly rotate, giving people in the local area an opportunity to experience numerous authors. It is free to get a library card, and it is free to check out books. During the year, the library holds countless educational events for people of all ages. Children frequently visit the library as part of school field trips. This is also a popular place for people to come and do research for academic papers.

Finally, Renton Library is also known as one of the prime locations for viewing numerous salmon species. During certain times of the year, new salmon can be seen spawning in the river from the library. Common salmon species that live in the Cedar River include Chinook, Coho, and Sockeye. The local community has measures in place to protect the salmon from harm, including overfishing. 

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