Renton Technical College

Renton Technical College (RTC) is recognized nationally. It’s a college with a diverse student population. This vibrant community in Renton, WA, welcomes students from all backgrounds. Its mission is to empower them for success.

RTC seeks to create an inclusive environment with core values that promote strength, confidence, creativity, and intellectual risk. The goal is to create equity in academics to promote fairness and remove systemic and institutional barriers. Some of these barriers include things such as being able to afford college or the lack of a high school diploma.

Complicated paperwork can also be a deterrent for many students. The college works to provide solutions to these challenges. What’s more, RTC’s college programs help students learn vital critical thinking and problem-solving skill. In addition, they develop technical expertise in their chosen profession.

The college boasts a high completion rate, at 66%, and reports that 82% of graduates find employment within nine months of graduation. Its student body is 69% students of color, and a welcoming community for immigrants, veterans, students with disabilities, and non-traditional, and high school students.

RTC offers career training programs, apprenticeships, transfer options, and an applied bachelor’s degree in information technology. Additionally, their guided pathways ensure that students have a clear, set plan for achieving their educational goals in everything from advanced manufacturing, health and human services, and information technology to transportation technology, culinary arts, and business management.

Renton Technical College also provides a career pathways program that enables students to complete high school courses while transitioning into career training. The college offers funding through Workforce Education for displaced workers, BFET for students who are on public assistance, and scholarships provided by the RTC Foundation.

Additionally, RTC is one of Washington’s 34 colleges operated by the State Board. It serves a vast community in Renton, WA, and surrounding areas, including Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, Enumclaw, and parts of Seattle’s central and south school districts. This award-winning college is in Renton, Washington. There are also several satellite locations in King County.

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