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How to Find a Good Company to Work With

Before you decide on who will complete your commercial construction project, you must first interview several commercial contracting companies. Although all of them will likely do a wonderful job, the final cost and working relationship will be vital to the success of the project. Here are a few tips for vetting a commercial contracting company.

Compare Bids
Each company will submit their own bid, which is an estimate of the costs for your project. They may present this as one lump sum, or a detailed list that includes materials, equipment, and labor. Before making a choice, ensure all the items you need are included in the bid. You don’t necessarily want to go with the cheapest or fastest option, as this may mean that major elements of your project will be missing in the final product. Also double check that you understand how the costs are to be paid and what happens if the project goes over or under the initial estimate. You don’t want any surprises when it comes time to sign the check!

Confirm License & Insurance
Most states will require a commercial contracting company to have a valid license and the appropriate amount of insurance to cover the scope of their work. However, don’t just take the contractor’s word for it! Take a look at the contract for the company’s license number and amount of insurance. Then, verify this information with the official sources to make sure you are working with a reputable company. This way, if there are ever any problems, you know they will be handled professionally, appropriately, and legally.

Ask About Their Communication Style
Proper communication will go a long way towards ensuring your project is completed on time and with minimal issues. Let them know if you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly updates, as well as if you would rather have those updates completed by email, phone, or in-person meetings. You can also ask how they plan to handle disagreements. You may choose to pre-plan a flowchart for navigating issues, or enlisting the help of an unbiased mediator to help your two teams work through any problems. Preparing all this beforehand will eliminate or minimize headaches later on in the project.

Expect Challenges
No project goes perfectly according to plan. Expect challenges to arise. Before you even get started, you can ask the contractor what challenges they might be anticipating based on their previous experience. This helps you understand how they see your project, as well as plan for unexpected expenses or time delays. Also consider how delays will be managed. Will the entire project deadline be pushed back, or will other tasks be expedited to maintain the final deadline?

Regardless of which commercial contracting company you choose to hire for your project, you should feel good about the choice. Having a bad instinct about someone is usually a sign to avoid them. However, if you find that you communicate well, you like their ideas, and you’re excited about what they can do, then you’ve likely found the right company to work with!


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