How Long Does It Take to Get Started on a Construction Project?

Do you have a commercial or residential construction project coming up? If so, you want it to finish on time. However, you should be prepared to wait for a while before a construction project can get started. How long does it take for a construction project to begin? There are several factors to consider.

Residential Projects Can Take Three to Six Months To Get Started

If you’ve got a residential project you’re trying to get started, such as a new house, this process can take three to six months. Your contractor has to work with a professional architect to get drawings completed. Then, the contractor has to apply for the right permits to build your house. If you have specialized construction projects that go along with your home, such as a pool, this may require additional permits, which can take longer to finish. Then, it’ll take the contractor several weeks to excavate the land appropriately. After this, the rest of the project can begin.

Multifamily or Commercial Construction Projects Take Six To Eight Months To Begin

If you’ve got a multi-family or commercial construction project, this could take six to eight months before it begins. Many factors play a role in how long it takes a commercial project to get off the ground. For example, contractors must navigate additional zoning regulations. This means additional permits and paperwork have to be completed before the project begins. Furthermore, because more materials are involved, the procurement process can take longer as well. Your contracting service may shop around to get the best price possible, which adds to the time. The contractor should let you know if there’s anything you can do to expedite the approval process.

Work With a Qualified Contractor To Expedite the Project

If you’d like your construction project to finish on time, you have to get started as early as possible. This means partnering with the right contracting service. A construction project can take a long time from start to finish. If you work with an experienced contractor, this professional can help you take care of the paperwork, obtain the right permits, hire the right subcontractors, procure the right materials, and get your construction project started on time. That way, it has the best chance possible of getting finished on time.

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