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Transforming the Landscape: A Guide to Sustainable Land Development

At micro and macro levels, sustainable land development practices and technologies are reforming the global landscape to better meet immediate human needs, while also improving long-term biodiversity and environmental preservation.

From large-scale government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to state and city agencies, to commercial construction contractors, there’s a global initiative to sustainably utilize natural resources in all types of development projects. The goal is to keep up with human demands without causing further harm to land, water, wildlife, or other natural resources.

At all levels, proactive groups are dedicated to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including:

  • Achieving net-zero energy and water usage
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing the use of public transit
  • Improving the housing/jobs ratio
  • Protecting natural resources

At the local level, city planners, commercial contractors, and other development forces are geared to proactively address economic, environmental, and social issues in ways that help create a more sustainable society for the future.

With regard to landscaping, this means developing more effective production systems and enhancing ecological sustainability. At the same time, it involves upregulating farming to provide more healthy food with fewer adverse effects on the land. This also expands economic opportunity and lessens malnutrition.

Overall, sustainable land development uses functional ecosystem processes to create more rewarding interrelationships between environmental conservation, healthy food security, and the alleviation of poverty.

Key considerations for success include history, cultural distinctions, geology, architecture, and land usage. The methods employed to achieve these goals include recycling, reintroducing species to expand biodiversity, wildlife protection, flood control, and pollution reduction.

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Building homes is both a craft and an art. And, while the craft of building a residential structure is best left in the hands of your general contractor and trade contractors, the art of designing a home is best left to the prospective tenants working in partnership with residential home design experts. The home of your dreams, which you imagined 10 years ago, may be very different today.

That swimming pool you had to have is now simply a lot of work and expense you could do without. And, those must-have wood floors can be reconsidered since low-maintenance, long-lasting luxury vinyl plank flooring is hard to distinguish from the real thing. At one time, high-vaulted ceilings and large, spacious rooms were the signature of a modern home.

But today, more people are opting for scaled-down rooms and slightly lower ceilings, which prevent interiors from sounding hollow and feeling cold. The point is: Instead of crafting your dream home with detailed interiors and specific architectural exteriors, consider the art of knowing oneself and crafting a home to fit your and your family’s personality today, not that of 10 years ago.

Consider a residential home contractor who will help you design a home based on who you are and what you (and your family) like to do. The interior finishes, the room sizes, and locations, and even where windows are located (or not located) can help make a home a dream home.

Why? Because of the unsurpassed comfort and joy of knowing that the home fits. Where one homeowner sees a mud room, another sees an oversized pantry. Where one homeowner sees a game room, another sees a wine cellar.

This is the art of crafting your dream home: to make it beautiful, functional, and personal.

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Contributing to the design and development of any public space requires your attention to several details. Although the area needs to function as intended, it must also accomplish goals that weren’t possible before it existed. And most importantly, the space needs to be visually appealing. Even if the space operates as it’s supposed to, few people want to stare at an eyesore that detracts from the look of the surrounding community.

Designing Better Public Spaces, One Step at a Time

To strike this delicate balance, one of the most important things to consider has to do with the physical requirements of the space. Certain factors take priority, such as whether the materials selected will be flexible enough to stand up to things like high winds, poor weather, and other natural elements. These are requirements, meaning they must influence all other decisions you make regarding form and function.

The physical location should also be considered, as this might limit certain choices regarding the types of materials that could be used. The design of the exterior needs to feel like an organic part of the surrounding area. It should attract attention because of its sophistication, not because it looks so drastically different from everything else around it.

Finally, one must understand how easy the commercial space will be to maintain. A building may start out looking its best, but it will only stay that way for a short time if not maintained. Commercial spaces must be easy to maintain to encourage occupants to do so.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what must be considered when designing functional and attractive commercial spaces, or if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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