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Over the past decade, Tukwila, Washington, and other King County areas have been undergoing urban renewal revitalization with the help of land development companies like Multi-M Contracting. Urban renewal effectively removes structures in “blighted” neighborhoods to create new, economically stimulating commercial and residential buildings. Deteriorated neighborhoods typically require a complete landscape overhaul, including sewage systems, inadequate roads, and thorough cleaning of contaminated areas. That’s why local King County governments depend on Multi-M Contracting to provide superior project management from day one.

Goals of Land Development in Urban Renewal

When Multi-M plans an urban renewal project, they combine the best interests of residents, small and large businesses, and community needs with reducing unemployment in the area, increasing the quality of life for residents, and eliminating obstacles to sustained economic growth. Using their experience, in-depth knowledge of urban renewal planning, and land development expertise, Multi-M understands how to unlock the potential for opportunities in previously deprived neighborhoods.

By improving the physical and commercial attractiveness of neglected communities, urban renewal land developers not only raise the values of residential and multi-unit homes but also attract a variety of employers offering steady jobs. Moreover, urban renewal projects often culminate in the construction of community and technical colleges that make it easier and more affordable for residents to complete a higher education degree.

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Specializing in new home construction, commercial renovation, commercial construction, land development, and much more, Multi-M is a full-service design land development company with an impressive portfolio of completed projects. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your vision for an urban renewal project.

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As a residential home builder, making the most profit, completing jobs on time, and building a portfolio of finished projects don’t happen by chance. It takes an overall strategy to succeed when you specialize in new home construction. Similar to a business plan, each residential project should have a construction strategy.

Included in that strategy is how you plan to minimize risks that can negatively affect your reputation. And, you should also have strategies that are geared toward keeping the client happy. Weather delays, equipment failures, a lack of manpower, and later, material deliveries may not occur. But, you should have a plan just in case they all come true in the same week.

The foundation on which residential builders should depend is planning. You have to manage your own expectations of optimum profit against the reality of the construction business. When a residential builder has no plan for the unexpected, they may decide to cut corners to make up time or substitute subpar materials to make up for costs in other areas.

Here are three strategies that can fit any construction business model, but when used consistently, will protect your reputation as a builder and future profits that will come from job referrals.

  1. Always monitor costs and be prepared for unexpected expenses.
  1. Hire reputable contractors who do good work and work efficiently.
  1. Always know lead times for material deliveries and manpower allocation.

These three simple strategies that govern the business side of construction can go a long way when you make them the foundation for success as a residential builder. Strategizing your laborers and tradesmen, vendors and materials, and being prepared for unexpected events can be a good foundation to start a long and successful business.

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4 Smart Commercial Renovation Tips to Cost-Effectively Improve CRE Properties

Commercial real estate (CRE) properties require routine upgrading to satisfy tenant needs, building codes, and appraisal values. Keep reading to learn four fast and intelligent methods for improving your buildings and properties that maximize long-term safety, aesthetics, and profitability.

Tip #1: Enhance Curb Appeal

You can often boost curb appeal with an investment of time and energy guaranteed to make a huge difference in the public perception of your property.

Some ideas include:

  • Power wash structures, walkways, and driveways.
  • Keep trash picked up and dumpsters hidden from view.
  • Add potted and in-ground plants, especially near entryways.

Also, consider keeping the grass mowed, the sidewalks edged, and the property free of weeds. Improving your property’s curb appeal pleases existing tenants and also attracts new ones.

Tip #2: Door Replacement

Exchanging old, hollow doors with heavier, more aesthetically appealing doors adds an upscale look to your CRE property. This method is particularly effective in office buildings, retail environments, and multi-family apartment buildings. And while you’re at it, be sure to upgrade the trim as well.

Tip #3: Upgrade the Lighting

Modern LED lighting solutions can transform your entire commercial property. Upgrading to LED lighting is one of the most cost-effective yet dramatic methods for improving the appearance of any space. Consider adding energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures to save up to 30% on your lighting bills instantly.

Tip #4: Step Up Security Protocols

Day by day, the security protocols on your commercial real estate property are becoming increasingly important. Consider ramping up your security with lighting, cameras, signage, security gates, and automatic door locks. To maximize tenant safety, security guards are also a great addition. 

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