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General contractors fulfill various roles throughout all phases of construction projects, from initial planning to final punchout and payment processing. Keep reading to learn about the key responsibilities contractors meet on a daily basis and which are the most important for successful project completion.

Responsibilities of General Contractors

Overall, a general contractor collaborates with owners and project management professionals to:

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Inspect
  • Manage
  • Oversee

Regardless of a project’s scope, the contractor is involved in every step from beginning to end.

Ensuring Worksite Safety

Maintaining consistent worksite safety is a basic, and perhaps the most important, responsibility of every contractor on every project. Contractors must implement the best health and safety practices to ensure that every worker makes it home each evening and that no major accidents occur.

Project Planning

Meticulous planning is imperative for bringing projects in on time, at or under budget, and hopefully, with no accidents or building code infractions.

Contractors help to plan:

  • Project budget and subcontractor payout scheduling
  • Material & equipment requirements & procurement
  • Key development and implementation specifics
  • Efficient multi-party communication standards
  • Risk mitigation strategy

The general contractor is also typically responsible for obtaining any necessary building permits and ensuring that all rules and regulations are adhered to throughout the construction process.

Project Management

Contractors work closely with project managers to ensure that developments are completed in a safe, timely, and feasible manner. Some of the management activities that contractors routinely engage in include ensuring fluent money transfers as needed to keep projects moving forward, keeping materials delivered on schedule, hiring and managing subcontractors, and creating progress reports.

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There are wide-ranging factors that go into a decision to purchase land for development. Real estate agents subscribe to the mantra of “location, location, location.” While an advantageous setting can add value to a land development project, there are other fundamental aspects to consider as well. At Multi-M Contracting, we provide residential and commercial land development and construction services. If you are interested in choosing land for development, these are some essential things to consider:

Check the Parcel’s Zoning Designation

Municipalities typically give each tract of land a zoning designation that supports the long-term development plan of the town, city, or county. As a prospective land developer, it’s crucial to determine what construction projects are allowable based on zoning regulations. In some cases, the municipality may be willing to issue a variance. This mechanism effectively changes the zoning of a tract and allows a developer to move forward with a project. Planning and zoning boards will only approve such changes if they are deemed to serve the best interest of the community.

Has the Land Been Perc Tested?

If a parcel does not possess viable access to municipal sewer lines, the land developer will need to prove that it is environmentally safe to install a septic system. The standard method for determining whether commercial or residential grey water can safely leach into the ground is called a percolation or perc test. This assessment measures how quickly water is absorbed into the soil.

It’s not unusual for sellers to provide recent perc test results to demonstrate that the land can qualify for construction permit approvals. Keep in mind that municipalities place time limits on perc test results. In some cases, sellers require prospective buyers to pay for these tests out of pocket. The decision is yours, but never assume that a parcel of land will meet perc test standards.

If you are considering a land development project, Multi-M Contracting provides concept-to-creation construction services that save time and money.

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When you are looking at a new home or residential apartment construction, understanding how do you interview a builder is incredibly important. A good working relationship with your contractor ensures that your project gets done in good time, within a good budget, and with good-looking results.

But how do you find that quality residential builder you can trust with your design plans and future home goals? You ask the right questions by ensuring you know the answer to how do you interview a builder. Get started now by looking at the following questions and why they are important to ask interviewing residential builders:

3 Questions to Ask a Potential Contactor

  1. Do you have experience in the building materials and style of home I want? Different homes are built in different styles and with different materials. An authentic southern cabin built with southern woods is an entirely different building task and experience from a multi-room brick luxury apartment building. Insist on looking over a residential builder’s portfolio of recent work to see if they are the right contractor for you.
  2. Can I have the addresses and contact information for your last three projects? Don’t just interview the builder, interview their past clients. Go and view their buildings and ask how satisfied they were with communication and things like staying on budget and calendar.
  3. How are concerns addressed during construction? Even the best, most reliable contractors will hit stalls and issues within a project. There are simply so many variables that hiccups like material supply and unexpected regulatory issues are common enough to be anticipated. The thing that is most important here is how your contractor reacts to these situations. The best answer to this is their offering regular (weekly/biweekly) meetings with you, the design team, and subcontractors to go through and answer or otherwise respond to concerns and how they are dealing with the unforeseen.

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