Sunset Community Church

Of all the places located in Renton, Sunset Community Church is one of the most inclusive locations in the region. One of the focuses of this church community is that they welcome everyone into their services. The goal is to generate a congregation that’s as diverse as possible because when the congregation is diverse, it’s possible to celebrate everything and everyone that was created by God. Learn more about the history of the Sunset Community Church, what the community stands for, and how the community serves the needs of the local population. This has become a pillar of the community.

A History of Sunset Community Church

Sunset Community Church began as Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary Baptist Church held its first service in Renton in July 1950. The church broke ground on its current property approximately two years later. Shortly after that, Calvary Baptist Church changed its name to its current one, Sunset. Since the church first opened its doors, numerous generations have helped start or support 19 churches in the area. Instead of competing with other churches for members, Sunset strives to promote feelings of inclusion in the community. That’s why the church joined numerous chapters, including the Puget Sound Baptist Association and the Northwest Baptist Convention. By working together, the Sunset Community believes it’s possible to create a better world.

Outreach Programs in the Local Community

While much of the focus of the Sunset Community Church is on its members, there’s also a focus on the local community. That’s why just about anyone who’s in need of anything can turn to Sunset for help. The church is always looking for a way to help out the Renton area by sharing the word of the Lord with anyone who will listen. Furthermore, the community has changed its services recently to make its community even more inclusive.

Services Are Available at Sunset Community Church Both In-Person and Virtually

Everyone’s looking for choices when it comes to how they worship. That’s why the church offers in-person and virtual services every Sunday at 10:30 AM. This is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who might want to watch the service later! Anyone who’s looking for a feeling of community in the local Renton area should take a closer look at the community at Sunset.

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