The Different Types of Commercial Construction

Commercial construction encompasses the building of structures intended for use in the private sector.

Overseen by a general contractor, these projects can range from a simple office remodel to the construction of a 30-story high-rise.

Below, we offer more insight into the different types and levels of this kind of project.

8 Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction covers a multitude of projects. However, common examples include:

1. Restaurants

2. Medical facilities

3. Retail and grocery stores

4. Shopping malls

5. Apartments
6. Manufacturing facilities

7. Colleges and K-12 schools

8. Sports arenas

Levels of Commercial Construction

Though every commercial construction project is unique, all fall into one of three categories: small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale.


A small-scale project also referred to as a light project usually involves upgrading an existing structure.

For example, a general contractor may refresh a restaurant kitchen with new equipment or install hardwood floors in the dining area. This is the cheapest and most straightforward level of commercial construction.


Comparatively, a medium-scale project encompasses more intensive upgrades to an existing structure.

For example, a general contractor may renovate a vacant retail space into a coffee roastery. Or, a commercial building team may upgrade the layout of a hospital.


Commercial contracting companies also take on large-scale projects. These endeavors require that the building team work with architects and developers to create a new structure.

Examples of large-scale projects include a university dormitory, an apartment complex, and a high-rise office building.

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