The Importance of Safety Training for Construction Workers

Ongoing safety training is an important consideration for any company in the commercial construction industry. When you ensure that your workers are well-trained in health and safety best practices, your business will benefit from fewer worksite injuries and deaths, less costly health insurance for workers, fewer administrative fines and penalties, and less need for litigation and expensive attorneys. Learn about the importance of safety training for construction workers.

Key Benefits of Safety Training for Construction Teams

Here are seven advantages of keeping construction teams well-versed in safety best practices:

  1. Decreases the likelihood of workers’ compensation claims, administrative expenses, and legal fees
  2. Enhances employee motivation and focus, knowing that they are in a safe work environment
  3. Teaches workers to anticipate and scan for hazardous conditions in the workplace
  4. Enables your company to attract higher-quality workers and retain them longer
  5. This leads to fewer job-site injuries, which typically increases overall production
  6. Encourages more fluent communication between team members
  7. Ensures proper recording of illnesses, injuries, and fatalities

Developing and initiating ongoing health and safety training for your commercial construction team is crucial to protecting your top assets: your tradesmen, who should be able to work each day without injury or death. They have families. Plus, losing a single worker to illness, injury, or death can significantly disrupt your operational efficiency, costing you time and profit.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), worksite injuries can also decrease employee morale and productivity, tarnish the reputation of your company, and lead to higher staff turnover.

With a solid plan for continuing health and safety education in place, your company will benefit from higher-quality workers who experience fewer injuries. This promotes greater motivation and enhanced communication. Health and safety training will give your company a long-term competitive edge as well.

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