The Process of Building a Custom Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are several phases to building a custom home. From pre-planning to final commissioning (meaning all equipment is installed and working), there is a long way. Once the home has been designed, watching how each of the following construction steps progresses can be an exciting adventure for the homeowner.

Step 1: Groundbreaking and Foundation

Land clearing and earthmoving equipment are used to prepare the site for construction. Concrete subcontractors will erect temporary forms to hold liquid concrete in place for structural beam footings, basement walls, and the home’s foundation.

Step 2: Exterior Home Framing and Roofing

The exterior walls and ceilings of each room on every floor of the home are sectioned with wood or steel beams and posts. Here the interior of the home takes on its shape and dimensions. At the same time, the exterior sheathing and walls (both inside and out) are installed by carpenters.

Step 3: Roughing-in Home Systems

This phase is when the home’s operating systems are installed by trade subcontractors. The kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lighting, security, heating, and cooling systems will have plumbing and wiring installed in spaces that will be concealed by walls and flooring.

Step 4: Installation of Appliances and Fixtures

Now that the interior walls have been installed, concealing pipes, wires, and ducts, the next phase includes the installation of all kitchen, bathroom, basement, HVAC, and laundry room appliances and fixtures in their final positions.

Step 5: Interior Finishing and Landscaping

Finally, cabinets and counters are installed, walls are painted, final flooring materials are laid, and lighting fixtures are hung. This is when the interior design establishes the aesthetics that beautify the home. Also, a subcontracted landscaper will be responsible for planting and groundcover, sidewalks and patios, and other outdoor features.

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