Understanding the relationship between the architect and the builder

Some first-time homeowners don’t know the difference between an architect and a builder. Understanding the relationship between the architect and the builder is vital to avoiding irreversible mistakes and potential contractor fraud.

Architects use unique skills to bring a client’s vision to life while staying within a budget. When planning to build a home, you work with an architect to design the layout to help you envision the final product.

It’s then up to builders to use the architect’s blueprints as a reference to execute the home construction from the ground up.  In some cases, builders are contractors that work with architects on a project-to-project basis.

Part of the builders’ responsibility is to discover environmental challenges, and the blueprints’ feasibility and raise any safety concerns before the contractor starts building.

The first step to building your dream home is contacting an architect. You will discuss what rooms you picture, where you want windows and doors, and the imagined layout.

It’s then the builder/contractor’s job to turn the proposed blueprints into a custom-built house.

The relationship between builder and architect is dynamic. When done correctly, it enhances client satisfaction and leads to the best results.

Contractors and architects have different educational backgrounds. An architect must have a degree in architecture. While builders typically have completed an apprenticeship and have hands-on experience. 

When you hire the right architect and builder, you help to ensure that the dream home project is successful from start to finish.