Can I Visit My Home While It’s Under Construction?

If you’re buying and building a new home, you might be wondering if and when you can visit your home when it’s under construction. You want to check that the contractors are on target, and you may want to compare your building’s skeleton to the final goal. Here are some things you should know before visiting your house while under construction.

Dress Appropriately When Visiting Home Under Construction

You own the property, so you can visit the house anytime, even when it’s still under construction. However, you should still consider your safety. Always wear closed-toed shoes, avoid visiting the site when it’s dark outside, and wear a hard hat when you’re there. You never know when an object might fall or if there are sharp objects all over the place. Wear older clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty since there could be plaster, paint, and other debris.

Schedule a Time with Your Contractors

Let the contractors know ahead of time if you plan on visiting the site. They may want to remove hazardous objects before giving you a progress tour. You should also write a checklist to ask the builders about things like plumbing, HVAC, insulation, custom builds, and more.

Capture the Process

Don’t forget to document the build progress. Take plenty of notes and pictures for your sake in case you have questions about updates as well as mementos and general future references. For instance, if you decide to renovate or repair your property later, images could provide excellent details and guides on electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. Alternatively, if you sell your real estate one day, you can provide your documentation for future buyers and agents.

Visiting Your New Home Construction Site

New home construction can be an extensive process, but construction site visits can help remedy some stress as you walk through the progress with a builder. Be sure to schedule visits beforehand so your contractors can prepare the site accordingly. They’ll advise whether or not you can bring your entire family and children or if you’re limited to smaller groups of people.

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