Who Takes Care of the Building Permits and Which Ones are Needed?

If you have a construction project coming up, you need to make sure you have the right building permits. If you’re not someone who goes through construction projects regularly, you may be wondering where to begin. Who takes care of the building permits and which are needed? If you need to get new building permits, how do you do this? Therefore, here are several points you should know.

Your Contractors Should Help You Take Care of Your Permits: The Process

If you require building permits, your contractors should help you take care of this. Most contractors understand that you probably have not applied for building permits in the past. They’ll walk you through the process.

If you do have to obtain a building permit yourself, you need to complete a permit application. Then, you have to prepare a site plan for the project, which will require the help of an architect. After this, you have to schedule an appointment to get your building permits approved. In some cases, inspections may be required before the city will finally approve your building permit.

Examples of Projects That Require Building Permits

Several kinds of projects require building permits to begin. These include:

  • Any project that requires adding or removing walls requires a building permit
  • If you’re converting a garage to a living room or bedroom, this requires a building permit
  • If you’re changing the piping in your house, you need to apply for a building permit
  • Demolishing a portion of your house requires a building permit
  • Painting your house might also require a permit
  • Adding kitchen cabinets also requires a permit

These are just a few of the many examples of building projects that require permits. Work with professionals who can help you get the right permits for your project.

Get Your Permits Taken Care of Before You Start

Ultimately, if you’d like to place your project in the best position possible to be successful, you should get your building permits taken care of before you break ground on the project. If you’re working with professional contractors, they should understand this. If you need assistance getting building permits for an upcoming construction project, reach out to professional contractors who have experience in this area. They should be able to help you get the right building permits for your construction project.

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